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  • Lesli Y-M "Lesli" - Working well and GREAT customer service!!!***UPDATE ON NOISE ISSUE***
    I finally contacted customer service at AeroGarden about the noisy pump. CJ suggested that I try to remove the green filter cover and see if that eliminated the gurgling noise. Voila, it worked! Now just a dull hum most of the time--MUCH better. They're also sending out 2 replacement seed pods since 2 of my plants didn't thrive like the rest. Now that's great customer service!!!

    My husband bought this for me for Christmas and I love being able to grow herbs year-round in the kitchen. Everything is sprouting nicely after just a few weeks. HOWEVER, the motor on the water pump is VERY noisy--I may even move the garden to another room so we don't have to listen to the gurgling noise all the time. This seems to be a pretty common complaint with this item.
  • Freethinker - A new way of eatingAs a hardcore long-life dieter, I can honestly say I am stunned (in a wonderful way) with this plan. I'm not even calling it a diet because this plan can be easily followed for life with some added personal preferences after the extra weight is dropped. I was looking for a program that would NOT starve me, made me lose muscle and/or made me sicker than I was. I had a heart attack a couple of years back and I needed to lose weight in order to control my blood pressure. I also needed to radically change my diet as to lower my bad cholesterol,raise my good cholesterol and lower my triglycerides. Believe me, I have looked, and tried many, many, MANY diets with limited or no success. I heard about this program and I immediately bought the book. As I started reading it, I soon realized that this book just makes SENSE. The information contained in this book is sensible, and can be followed by anyone interested not only in feeling and looking better but in getting healthier while doing it. This plan calls for people to drop unhealthy habits and addicting foods and that makes it hard at the beginning, but the longer one stays off caffeine, sugar, alcohol, fake food and junk, the better one feels. I DO recommend this diet without any reservations.
    I'm happy to report that I'm now finishing my first 28 days (one more day to go) and I have not felt this well in a looooong time. I'm off blood pressure medication as it is under control. I have lost 13 lbs. and 3 1/2 inches from my waist, and my energy is through the roof. I'm planning on continuing this plan until I lose another 20 lbs. I need to lose, and then will continue tis plan for life with a few modifications to suit my lifestyle. This is a keeper!!!
  • vacationgirl - I love my Kindle!My daughters bought the Kindle for me for Christmas. I had never even thought about getting an e-reader, and didn't quite know what to think when they gave it to me. It is the BEST gift I have ever received. It is so easy to use, the battery life is good, and I use it every day! I have eye problems, so they researched to see which reader would be best for me. I ordered the case with the light attached, and I can see the screen vividly and have no problems! The Kindle Store is so user-friendly too. Early on, I had to call tech support and they helped me and I have no problems since. I can't imagine any other reader being better than my Kindle!
  • jamiekochkreations - Pressing Forward for JesusI don't consider myself being a "Christian" by today's American standards. For whatever reason, it seems that so many people cheat Jesus of His honor and glory by trying to justify their selfishness, lack of obedience, loss of love and sincere passion for others and a king who gave His life to save wretched sinners who are lost in a fallen world. I like to call myself "A Follower of Jesus," but what does that really mean? It's a serious statement to me. Reading and studying the gospels only compel me to want to dive deeper into the heart of Christ all the while I fall farther and farther away from the world. I wonder, am I the only one who has this kind of obsessive crazy love for Jesus? In my search, I came across and purchased a new book published by Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers and written by David Platt, "Radical". No, I'm not the only one. I can't wait to read.

    Perhaps there is some sort of movement going on for very serious followers of Jesus. David Platt certainly recognizes the way many Christian American people and churches have made the hope message of Jesus somehow flat. Our desire to truly follow after Christ at all cost doesn't seem to mean very much to us. Platt's book suggests that perhaps, this is because most Americans haven't had to deal with the kinds of tragedies and persecution that people from so much of the world face on a daily basis. The freedom to learn and have biblical truth isn't understood in America. Our eagerness to learn truth has been diminished by the blinding amount of possessions we have.

    I love how David Platt uses scripture to back the knowledge he gains from his pastoral and mission experiences. His heart's call for following Jesus for real is intense and evident throughout the book. I admire his desire and I hear his plea for all to obey by going and sharing Christ to all nations, both here and there. I enjoyed reading about the disciple training that required students to plant churches in Indonesia...I've been to Indonesia and can relate. As a matter of fact, I think I know of the exact seminary this book is referring to! To me, the book is absolutely fantastic in a radically good way.

    Like Platt, I'm a messy human. I need encouragement and truth. This book came to me at a time where I needed encouragement to press forward in Christ always taking literal His call to love others and tell of His saving grace despite the cost. It certainly challenges me to go all the way with Christ trusting and knowing that He will have my back. I'll do it because He is worth it to me. And yes, I'll recommend this book to everyone.
  • Matthew Doolin - Code for Online CourseThis was the code for the online course, not a textbook. You enter this code into and the course ID to access your class. I really like how it comes with videos, an e-textbook, and examples of the problems your working on so you can see step by step how to solve the problem. Also, there's easy ways to track your grades and get more help in certain areas your struggling in.