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  • carter33 - wonderfully difficult workoutJust a short review, ive been on this workout for about a week now, and ive got to say, its working. I feel better than i have in weeks and my clothes already fit better! If you want to change your body and your life for the better, try this workout. But be warned, this workout is not for the weak hearted, you will need serious determination to stay with it. The X in P90x stands for EXTREME, and there is a reason for that. Good luck
  • JenisaurusRex - Perfect for researchlike other brilliant books before it, the 2011 BB is a great resource for casual fans as well as die-hard whovians. I like that the Annuals/BBs like to have fun while still providing "behind the scenes" info and interviews. 2011 is a perfect addition to my collection, and a great resource while I write my Doctor Who paper.
  • Denise Vacco - I Love My Derma Wand!I ordered the Derma Wand about two weeks ago by first going to their web site and then calling the phone number listed on the web site. It only took one week to receive! I would recommend calling and speaking to a customer service representative in order to ask questions and understand the offer. Before I go in to the offer and what you receive and the cost, I just wanted to say that I am 49 years old. I have large poors and oily skin, for the most part. I don't have major crows feet around my eyes yet, but have tiny lines there. My major concern are the lines on the side of my mouth and a little sagging that started on my jawline. I also have some expression lines across my forhead. I have been using my Derma Wand faithfully, twice a day for a week now. I find it invigorating. I have found that the Derma Wand makes my skin appear smoother and more supple. I am now starting to see some improvement with the expression lines running from my nose to mouth and the slight folds are tightening up and smoothing out too! I see a slight lifting effect above my eyes, though I think this is going to improve with more time. All-in-all, I am very pleased after using for only one week. I think people really need to give the Derma Wand enough time to see lasting results. Results are cumulative over time, as your muscles "remember" their tone after using the Derma Wand each time. I actually look forward to using it, especially before I put on my make up. I don't really use the skin care products that came with it, except for the pre-face. Now for the cost. I have seen some negative reviews about being charged for extra things. This is why I STRONGLY recommend calling to order the Derma Wand and not ordering from the website. I called and spoke to a CS representative and told her I did not want to buy or be charged for anything extra. She explained to me that as part of the ordering "process," she had to go through several offers on her screen. So each time an offer came up, I declined. I even declined the extended warranty. Then she told me to say "Yes" when the order for just the Derma Wand came up and only the Derma Wand. She explained that the Derma Vital skin care products automatically come with the Derma Wand offer and were free, except that my credit card would be charged the $9.99 for shipping/processing of the skin care products. She also explained that today I would have to pay the full tax on the Derma Wand, which came to $8.27 for my state tax. So, my card was charged a total of $18.37 in order to receive the Derma Wand and the Derma Vital skin care products. Then, if after the 30 day trial I decide to keep the Derma Wand, then I would be charged $39.95 for the first real payment plus $14.95 for the shipping/processing for a total of $54.90 for the first of 3 monthly payments. Then the next two monthy payments would just be for the $39.95. So far my card has only been charged the $18.37 as she stated it would be for the 30 Day trial period, paying just for the tax and shipping of the skin care products. I was very clear with the CS rep that I did not want to order anything extra or be charged anything extra and that is exactly what she gave me! So, If you order on line at their website, you might get hung up on extra screens wanting you to buy extra products. Just call the phone number listed to order the Derma Wand instead, and you will be fine! All products offered on "As Seen on TV" want you to buy extra things. Just stick to the original offer and you won't be charged anything else. The Derma Wand is a very good beauty and skin care device. You just have to use it faithfully and you will begin to see results!!
  • T. Willis - DRM Better than most other methodsLet me say first that I hate DRM. DRM irritates me because it gets in the way of what I want to do with my legally purchased game... which of course is play it.

    EA probably should have allowed for more than 3 installs, which probably isn't enough for most folks. That said, I only have one computer, and I won't be replacing it anytime soon. When I last replaced it, only about 3 games made it over from my old rig.

    For me, at least, three installs is more than enough (probably wouldn't be if I had a lap-top as well). Having said that, I much prefer on-line activation to the traditional "Have to have the disk with you" approach. This way is superior, because I only have to do it once. An even better way would be to use a normal CD-Key. None of these methods will actually reduce piracy, but having one I only have to deal with once at least makes it easier on me.

    If anyone really prefers lugging around all their disks to their multiple computers over this form of activation, by all means rank this game low. Otherwise they are unfairly punishing a pretty decent game.
  • It_Burns - Stamping addictThis was my first purchase of the Pueen plates at all, and I must say, I am SUPER IMPRESSED. The images are crisp, and etched a good depth. The thought process behind the design execution seems better than in other sets. (no super thin lines that don't transfer, etc) The full nail bed plates seem to be a bit wider than the other sets I have purchased, which is helpful.

    I have tried out 3 different plates so far, and I have to say the quality is MUCH better than the Shany or Red Angel plates. Every transfer seems nice and clear. Cannot say enough good things, want to buy the rest of everything they have put out!!

    And the white leatherette case was a super nice touch, trying to figure out if I have a use for it, since I keep my plates in a plate holder book.