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  • Gene Deel - Peek Into the Near Future - Read This Book Now!I know many people appreciate the direct approach: If you know who Shel Israel and/or Robert Scoble are, buy this book now. They execute fantastically on the premise of the title, no need to read my review further.

    For the rest of you, the dynamic duo of technology conversations have combined Shel's engaging story-telling approach and Robert's rampant enthusiasm for all-things-tech, to weave a relevant & persuasive tale of a brewing contextual storm.

    The "Age of Context" is a compelling read, relevant to anyone interested in a sneek-peek forward to the near-future, guaranteed to amaze, entertain, and inform. It paints a credible picture of the internet of things, how we are poised on the cusp of contextual-everything as big data, mobility, social media, location-based services, and sensors converge to deliver a better quality of life, and, for better or worse, inter-connectivity for us all.

    I was lucky enough to score a draft of the book to review, and found it so compelling that I read it twice in three sittings! My only complaint was that the hyperlinks weren't active in the draft (although who knows how long it would have taken me to get done if I had been able to chase down the rabbit holes!).
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  • Catherine W. Hughes - Full Steam AheadTake a ride from the east to the west on a steam locomotive. Listen to the engine “huff and hiss” and “bang and clank,” moving “full steam ahead.” Older children, ages 5-8, will discover the rhythm and the sounds of a steam engine train, while taking in images of the North American landscape, in this story book picture book.