Buy GP Anastrozole - Geneza Pharmaceuticals - GP Anastrozole by Geneza Pharmaceuticals is an anti-estrogen which contains substance Anastrozole and is called Arimidex by bodybuilders

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  • TTC#2 - Wow!!!!This is an amazing product. I usually like to keep things all natural and not have any kind of "medical" influence on my body, HOWEVER, my husband and I were having a hard time conceiving a second child after an early miscarriage several months ago so I decided to see if this product could at least regulate my very long cycles. I received the pills around day 26 of my cycle and began taking them right away, thinking it would help me get a period and start a new cycle quickly. That did not happen....instead, I actually ovulated about a week after starting the pills and 11 days after that I got a BFP!!!!! I just had my first OB appt a few days ago and the doc says everything is looking great and we even saw a heartbeat! I'm almost 7 weeks now and hoping everything continues to go well and I have a healthy pregnancy and baby :)