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  • lukey - Pricey but worth itlove these probiotics. They are on the pricey side, but worth the extra money. If i take one tablet daily, I really do feel better stomach-wise! I am lactose intolerant and generally sensitive to a lot of foods. I get stomach aches and nausea frequently. Align seemed to help with these symptoms if i was persistent with taking them.
  • Brunette Librarian - Heartbreaking and grippingEveryone knows the story of Elizabeth Smart, or at least the most bare bones details. She was taken from her home in the dead of night in June of 2002 by David Mitchell, a self-proclaimed prophet. She was 14 years old at the time and taken from her bed that she happened to be sharing with her younger sister. She was to be another of his “wives.” Helping him in his evil planning and kidnapping was his wife, Wanda Barzee. They kept Elizabeth, inflicting terrible physical, mental, and sexual abuse for almost nine months.

    Well written, Elizabeth tells in her own words the events leading up to her rescue and the hellish events that took place during her captivity. Raped daily, forced to take drugs and alcohol, and regularly threatened the lives of her family. I think what really got to me was the emotional and mental toll Elizabeth had during these nine months. On the outside, this is absolutely horrific, but once you factor in a 14 year old girl was going through this, with her 14 year old insecurities and views of the world, it will blow your mind and break your heart.

    Smart’s My Story is a testament to human survival and hope for the future. Having seen Elizabeth speak, I think my enjoyment of the book was enhanced. Heartbreaking but with a beautiful ending, My Story will show that there is true evilness in this world while also showing there is still love.
  • Cynthia - The pages fly by!In the past couple of years, I have read very few books that I could not put down. This was one. The plot is a combination of Blade Runner, Hunger Games, Metropolis and even THX 1138. If you are a true sci-fi, dystopian fan, all of these titles will mean something to you. I can only hope for a movie, but seriously read the book. Howey is a better writer than many who have been around for decades!
  • Cy McMahon "Pastor" - Radical? No. Jesus? Yes!Radical is a book by David Platt. I really don't know much about him. If you google his name I am sure you will find out a lot, so try that. I do know that I read his book, Radical.

    This is a great book. Easily the best book I've read this year. Granted I've only read a handful of books so far this year, but this one is spectacular. The title is curious. I feel like there should be a question mark. Why? Mr. Platt shares the heart of Jesus, and calls us to jump in. That shouldn't be radical but expected. Yet it isn't. We are far from that.

    This book doesn't share new information. But it does bring it from a different place. Platt is an affluent pastor in an affluent church in a large city in the US. And he is talking about how much we need to sacrifice for Christ, for the Gospel. How being comfortable here in the US isn't in the Bible anywhere. I think that is beautiful. I am not sure how ready even Platt is to sell or give everything away and move to India or China for the Gospel. But we shouldn't think of that idea as crazy, but normal. Something God should ask us to do and something we should obey.

    Platt doesn't pull punches. He let me have it. He took me out of my comfort zone. He made me think twice about all the spoiling of myself I do. I haven't changed much yet, but I am working on it.

    This book is a kick to the midsection. You can't read it an not change. Unless you really want God to do a great work in your life, don't read this book. If you read it an aren't willing to act on what God puts on your heart, you will just be miserable.

    If you are willing to "risk everything" for God. Then jump in. (By the way, I don't think following God in your life is risking anything even if it means moving to a third world country that hates white Christians. As Paul has told us, "...to live is Christ, to die is gain.")

    Radical? No.
    Risk? No.
    Crazy? No.
    Jesus? Yes.
  • SG "Sheryl G." - A true Godsend!I was just like you...researching all the books here on Amazon.com for something that would tell me what to eat and what not to eat so I could get some kind of relief from the pain and horrible discomfort of Crohn's! My doctor provided as much help and percriptions as she could but could give me absolutly no advise on what to and what not to eat (that wouldn't hurt!). Well, she was right about one thing, food doesn't seem to cause the illness (which shocked me!) but certain food do irritate or exasperate the inflamation that already exisits!

    I read all the high reviews of this book and since I had nothing else to lose, ordered it. I read it. It made a lot of sense. And then I did the hardest thing...I made a decision to implement the diet. The first week was difficult because I wasn't used to the "restrictions"...they seemed so unusual. But, all I can tell you is that it worked!! the first few days my "D" turned green and like water, but that cleared up after a week or two and then 90% of all my cramping, bloating, and swelling and "D" stopped.

    All I can say is to trust the diet! Trust these reviews. Your own recovery will be different than mine, but you will have recovery and relief from the intense pain!! The book also has a wonderful website with lots of links and forums for us to support each other.

    Best Wishes...