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  • Tom Weikert - A Story Masterfully Told and Beautifully Written!If a work of fiction's worthiness can be judged purely on the power of the message it imparts, then The Road is a masterpiece. McCarthy does for father-son love what Michelangelo did for The Last Judgment. He paints vividly and with fine brush strokes a work of great majesty, a soaring testament to the depth of a father's enduring love for his son. A love that, alas, would withstand the forces of evil arrayed menacingly against the two in post-apocalyptic America. While we learn little about the origins of the cataclysm that rendered earth a wretched wasteland, and even less about the father and his son, we are witness to an otherworldly bond that survives first the mother's suicide and then seemingly endless despair.

    Neither the setting nor the tone of this Pulitzer-prize winning novel will surprise diehard McCarthy readers. Dark and brooding, every scene more depressing than the last, the imagery leaves the reader cringing and emotionally enervated. Darwinian to the extreme, reduced to scavenging for the few remaining refugees who have not themselves turned cannibalistic, vicious bands of ravenous nomads stalk their elusive prey as a lion stalks a gazelle - deliberately, patiently, and with great cunning. It requires MacGyver-esque artifice and leonine instincts to elude the brutal depredations of these marauders haunting the father and his son on their journey, and the father demonstrates both in spades. Heading south on the road to find safety and refuge among a colony of 'good guys', surviving on their wits and whatever they can forage from the detritus that remains across the scabrous landscape, the protagonists' indomitable will to live astounds.

    It is against this grim backdrop that McCarthy is able to ply his craft. Through the murk and madness, the pain and perplexity, he manages to convey beauty, an uncommon poignancy that pulls relentlessly at the reader's heartstrings. It is the relationship between these two remarkable humans - the father determined to survive, the son determined to love - that is most striking and in which McCarthy invests his best effort. On a planet now practically devoid of humanity, the son remains humanity's best hope. He seeks to reconcile his father to the reality that, in his actions, he is becoming every bit as cruel and barbarous as the enemy they are evading. It is because he is the only one who can that the boy serves as his father's muse.

    But when the son's intuition matters most is when he anticipates his father's impending death soon to be followed by his own. His father consumptive and debilitated through their many travails on the road, their provisions nearly exhausted yet again, he senses that the end is near. It is at this moment that the reader experiences one of the most searing passages:

    You're not the one who has to worry about everything.

    He [the son] looked up, his wet and grimy face. Yes I am, he said. I am the one.

    Classic McCarthy. Our sons are not only our muses, they are our mirrors. We see in them the very best of ourselves and the very worst. It is through our greatest trials that we must seek to know their hearts. For it is in the knowing that we are delivered from our suffering.

    And it is through our relationships with our sons, more so than any others, that we begin to understand unconditional love.

    A Story Masterfully Told and Beautifully Written!
  • Shan Pao - It is truly outstandingASUS Transformer Prime TF201-B1-GR Eee Pad 10.1-Inch 32GB Tablet (Amethyst Gray)
    I placed the order on 4/6/2012 and got an estimate for May 8 - 10 delivery. I received it on 4/16/2012. My tablet SN starts with C3O. It came with ICS installed. I opened it and fully charged it right away. It is such a beautiful toy, I love it.
    In short, I have no problem with it at all. It is fast and the screen is bright and clear, my WIFI works as well as my 3 month old laptop (wireless N), and it performs better than my old one (wireless G). Down load "GPS Test" from Market, GPS worked well enough. I don't think I will ever use it, just curious. I also bought a Minisuit case from Amazon, it fits perfectly. I ordered a Stylus pen so I don't have the worry about the finger print too much. It has been a nice experience, so far.
    I remember Apple Iphone first came out, Steve Job could not get the dial tone with the phone at the product release conference. Apple sold a case to make it work. Enough people had faith with Apple that gave Apple a chance to improve. That was a beautiful story, and many people benefit from that. I think ASUS is a very good company, and produces very nice products. I am looking forward to see their success.
  • momof3chiquitos - Truly works for intestinal infections!My mom had c diff. for almost 5 months and the only thing that helped her stomach get stronger and back to normal was Align. She had been on other probiotics such as Florastor which made her feel too bloated and made her stomach feel worse. Please keep in mind that it took a good 2- 3 months for Align to completely replenish the good bacteria that c diff had killed in her intestines so patience is needed. She had a bad case of c diff since the doctors didn't diagnose her right away. They gave her a different antibiotic for which they thought was a different bug that was making her sick. Ironically, it was this different antibiotic that made the c diff go almost out of control. I hope this helps!
  • Virginia - I am obsessed with this book!I am obsessed with and absolutely adore this book! I came across an advertisement for it in a magazine and immediately went to Susan Branch's website to learn more about her. I am a new and devoted fan! I ordered the book from Amazon and read it within 2 days! I couldn't put it down! I have been dreaming about going to England since I was a little girl and next year my husband and I are planning a trip there! After reading Susan's book, I feel like I have already been! It is captivating and beautifully handwritten and illustrated. The photographs are amazing and it has given me so many ideas for our trip! I will definitely be using this book to help with our travel plans!I have already ordered another copy to give to my mom! Thank you, Susan and Joe, for sharing your amazing trip with the rest of the world! A forever fan, Virginia W. in North Carolina
  • T. Sinfield - I have applied this book to my life!

    My parents bought me this book, I guess they wanted me to be prepared for the whole "dating" experience. I really wasn't that keen on reading it, because I have never had a girlfriend, and don't plan to for a while - I had already decided to wait til I was ready for marriage before I considered it. So here I was thinking this book was just going to agree with everything I was thinking - how wrong was I.

    I applaud Josh for the honesty he has written this book with, he shares so much about how he felt, and the things he did, and you know what? I learn't so much that I didn't know - especially the bit about how important our time being single is, and how we should be using it for God. It really inspired me to make the most of my singleness.

    I highly recommend this book!