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  • David Shane Hoffos - Great bookHarris has an uncanny ability to make thoughtful points and really intriguing ideas about subjects you would have thought you already knew you believed something else. Very condensed argument that doesn't need to be drawn out and as thoughtfully presented as I could ask for. Very air-tight arguments.
  • david kfire - GreatI've always been a real soccer fan i think its better than pes or fifa when it comes to phones and tablets and this one isn't the exception
  • Melanie Hamilton - Derma Wand Works For Me!!!!I love it! I have used it for 3 days now and I can already see the results happening. Its amazing. I'm 38 years old and I got the 3 lines on my forehead and the crows feet on the corner of my eyes as well as dark rings and wrinkles under the eyes. since I've started using the Derma Wand 3 days ago all of these items have decreased 50% in only 3 days! Thank u so much Christina Boves for creating the Derma Wand. I had open heart surgery and have to take blood thinners for the rest of my life so for me to have any kind of face lift surgeries was completely out of the question and through this has aged me faster so all hope was gone until now. I don't believe most things I see on TV because of all the ways u can fudge things with technology now days but I thought I would try this one item to see and I'm so glad I did! Thank u and I will tell everyone I know to buy this product. In the End all I can say is Thank You again and Wow! Believe!
  • Michael Mills - One of the best sources for data on sexuality: unobtrusive and anonymousThe data on which the conclusions of this book are based are some of the best sources to get real, unvarnished glimpses into male and female sexual psyches: unobtrusive and anonymous measures. Here sexual desires are freely expressed without cloaking them in euphemistic or socially desirable costumes. The data is raw and real.

    And the data are largely consistent with what evolutionary biologists/psychologists would expect to find: a wide chasm between the types of sexual desires of the two sexes. This is unsurprising given the sexes have such divergent reproductive rates and probabilities of parentage. The resulting evolved sexually dimorphic psychological adaptations produce fundamentally different sexual desires between the sexes that cannot simply be chalked up to socialization (much to the consternation some cultural determinists, as evidenced by many of the 1-star reviews here).

    And, there is an upside to this more realistic, if sobering, view. It dismantles the false notion that the sexes are psychologically monomorphic -- and that we may correctly project on the other sex our own sexual desires, which we assume they must share. But such projections will likely be egregiously false, and our acting on them may be met with indifference or disgust, rather than with our anticipated delight.

    As noted by the authors: "The greatest hurdle to sexual harmony is ignorance of the fact that members of the other sex... are fundamentally different from ourselves."