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  • Insurance Man - The hose works as advertised, don't be a putz and break itGuess what, it works, didn't break and doesn't "lead". It's lightweight and easy to use. The putze who break their hoses are people you don't want walking in your china shop. Tip - don't open the water spiggot a million cranks to make pressure like a firehose. Maybe one or two cranks maximum is enought pressure to (follow directions.......) stretch out your hose , THEN, you open up the valve at spray end of hose to water garden or whatever. Get used to it, you will more than figure out how to love it v/s lugging around that old heavy kinking plastic garden hose which sprouts leaks anyways, damages your shrubs, and is just a pain. Was glad to throw out the old hose and use this lightweight gem.
    Remember, this isn't a fire hose, it brings water to where you need it.
  • Michael J. Lipphardt - The current best 10" tablet - sorry, AppleI've tried a number of tablets, to put it mildly. Blackberry Playbook. Samsung Galaxy 10.1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7+. iPad 2. Lenovo IdeaPad. HP Touchpad. All of them have features that are better than their competition, all of them have problems. The Samsung has very poor sound. The Playbook is an excellent platform let down by a lack of apps. The Touchpad, same as the Playbook. The IdeaPad is rock solid and feels like it will survive a war, but is far too heavy and suffers, again, from poor sound. The iPad has a superb app ecosystem, the display is above average, sound is horrible. The Asus Transformer covers most of the problems above. Sound is superb for a tablet. Display is excellent. Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is the best Android by a long shot. The only thing letting this tab down is the relative dearth of apps compared to Apple. However there are apps for almost everything you could want and the tablet is fast, light, slim, sounds great and is just the nearest thing to a laptop replacement you can find. Add the dock and it's a very light machine that can go anywhere and run all day, and the office apps let you do what you need. Very highly recommended. It's unfortunate Apple doesn't have a dock like this. But the iPad would still suffer from poor sound. If I had to dump all my tabs except one, this would be the keeper.
  • Laura C "Laura C" - Worked for chronic diarrheaI am 44 and suffered from chronic diarrhea for about 2 & 1/2 years. This had never been a problem for me in my life until then. I had many blood & stool tests done as well as a colonoscopy and all results came back normal/negative. I knew I was not tolerating lactose, but even eliminating all dairy from my diet did not solve the problem. My gastro Dr didn't do an endoscopy because my blood test for celiac was negative and I only had one of the two known genes for celiac. I still suspected gluten and, sure enough, after eliminating it from my diet the diarrhea stopped. I felt like I was getting better for the first month and then the loose stools and general feeling of tiredness returned. I learned about this book on several different websites and it really helped me alot. I followed it exactly for only 21 days and now I've been working small amounts of gluten free carbs back into my diet. Definitely make your own yogurt. It's easy, it tastes 1000 times better than store-bought and by fermenting it for at least 24hrs it contains up to 12 times the friendly bacteria as commercial yogurt and gives the bacteria time to eat up all of the lactose in the milk. It caused many candida die off reactions at first (dizziness, nausea, headache etc), but now my bowels are more normal than they've been in years, my allergies to pollen, dust, etc are much less, and I have energy! I don't know if this was a kind of gut dysbiosis caused by perimenopausal hormones or if the fact I wasn't digesting gluten well caused a massive candida overgrowth in my duodenum, but this kind of homemade yogurt was a lifesaver for me. If you have gut problems you owe it to yourself to give this a try. The food is delicious. Put honey on top of your yogurt, it's wonderful!
  • V. J. Harward - Norton Antivirus 2013This downloaded version of Norton Antivirus was easy to download and easy to install. It IS a subscription product, and my purchase gave me a year's updates. However, in order to activate the subscription you need to retrieve the "Keys" linked off the download page that appears after you complete the order. This license code is also available from your digital software library that you can reach via your Amazon account.

    As for the product itself, I have been very happy so far (24 hours, it's early days yet). I had been running McAfee, but my system had started to run so slowly that I was worried that my system was infected with a virus. In fact I don't think that was the issue, but I do suspect that McAfee's inefficient On Access Scan process was causing several programs with large data files (photo management tools, databases, and games) to take several minutes to load. For reasons that I admit I do not fully understand, my system has been running much faster with Norton than with McAfee, so, for the moment at least, I am a very happy customer.