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  • Robert T. Hill - Big Things Come In Small Packages !I got a new flat screen HD TV & a new Yamaha a/v receiver in the past couple of years, but still had my old sub-woofer of 13 years. But in the last 6 months my old sub-woofer began to fade in & out, so I knew I had to bite the bullet, & get a new Sub- woofer. When I got my old sub-woofer it was cutting edge for it's price & wattage 120 wt.& was my pride & joy, along with my analog TV, & old a/v receiver ! But when it finally died, I was heart broken. So I began my search for a new one , but knew I was on a strict budget . So when i saw the Yamaha YST-SWO12 *-inc Front -Firing Active Sub-woofer I was not sure esp. for the price Amazon was asking for( to reasonable) But I love my new Yamaha A/V receiver much better than my old Sony A/V; so I go on line to You- Tube to see what others were saying about this sub-woofer.All of the video's said for the price it could not be beat ! I read, & re-read reviews on Amazon; the same thing maybe one or two who had negative things to say about this sub-woofer. In my book that's a winner.

    So I went on line to Amazon & ordered my Yamaha YST sub-woofer. Like most things I order from Amazon, it came when it said it would. Easy to open & very easy to set up with a long RCA cord to plug into my Yamaha receiver.

    Now for the real test, sound ! What struck me first was the compact size of this Yamaha YST Sub-woofer, my old sub-woofer( of another brand) was huge( a dinosaur) compared to this this compact size Yamaha . The sound is amazing, deep clear base; I'm no expert on these matters but the sound sounded much deeper clearer & less muddied than my old sub-woofer. I can see the Yamaha new technology( Front Firing Active) was leaps & bounds ahead of the technology of my old( another brand) sub-woofer !

    I believe my other speakers even sound much better with this new Yamaha YST sub-woofer. Maybe because it's a perfect match with my new A/V receiver which is Yamaha technology also. I'm so pleased with this Yamaha sub-woofer & it's price, that I'm one happy camper !
  • Orianna - Great ProgramI had no idea what to expect when I ordered this--I just wanted something to help me write my will. It exceeded my expectations! It's easy to use, extremely thorough, and as a bonus, it helps you with other legal documents, not just your will. Here's what you get:

    * Will
    * Health Care Directive (Living Will & Power of Attorney)
    * Durable Power of Attorney for Finances
    * Final Arrangements
    * Information for Caregivers & Survivors

    The will, of course, decides who gets your stuff when you die. It reminds you to appoint a guardian for your children (if any) and your pets (if any). It even gives you the option of providing an amount of money to whoever gets your pets, so they can afford to buy pet food and take your animals to the vet. The Health Care Directive allows you to appoint someone to make vital medical decisions, should you be incapacitated. (Hint: Make sure you trust them!) You can also specify your wishes regarding life support, organ donation, and so forth. Durable Power of Attorney for Finances permits you to name someone to take over your finances and care for your property, should you be hospitalized or unable to handle things yourself. Final Arrangements lets you specify your wishes for burial or cremation. Information for Caregivers & Survivors lets you provide vital information, such as your bank account info, life insurance, and so forth, which others might need, should you be hospitalized or die.

    I'll admit, it can be depressing to make these kinds of decisions. But it's far better to do it now, while you're healthy, than to wait until you're in a life-or-death situation. Especially with the financial stuff. Do you really want your spouse to have to guess your computer password, then dig around your files, trying to figure out when each bill is due, just so you don't lose the house while you're sick in the hospital? This program makes it easy to provide the information others will need in an emergency.