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  • Colin - Dragged down by the stone!We all know that Pink Floyd has put out some unbelievable music so it should be a very high compliment when I say this is my favorite of all their albums. As brilliant as most of the other ones are sometimes I'm just not in the mood to listen to them, but with Animals there's just something about it that I never tire of. It could be that I think Dogs is the best song ever, yes EVER! The lyrics are great too, Roger Waters is very strong in his distaste for the leaders of society and also the people who follow them. In similar fashion to the great book Animal Farm, he uses animals (dogs, sheep, pigs) to represent actual people. It's a great story with a surprisingly good ending. If you are hesitant because you heard that the songs are either too long or too short, trust me, these songs needed to be this long and never for one second get boring. To sum it all up, BUY THIS ALBUM OR YOU ARE A STUPID SHEEP!
  • Lu Lu - Thank you, no!no!I admit that I probably was LESS skeptical about this product as most before purchasing because I have tried a variety of different hair removal methods and I know that nothing is 100% perfect. I waited a few years to purchase this item because the original model was not recommended for use on the face and that is what I wanted it for. I finally got around to purchasing one in January 2012 and I have to say that I am very satisfied.

    A little background about myself: I am in my late thirties, half Armenian, and have excess hair on my face and arms that make me feel self-conscious. My face has a range of black "stumps" from years of plucking my chin to more fine and lightly colored fuzz on my cheeks. The hair is pretty much everywhere, including my female sideburns. Gross, I know. The hair on my arms is dark brown, long, and thick. I have fair, olive-toned skin so everything shows up on it. I am good at following skin care and other beauty regimens but sometimes I get lazy and slack off. I spend a moderate amount of money on my physical appearance but nothing over the top...I use a combination of drugstore and "prestige" brand cosmetics and such. I would consider myself to be a medium-high maintenance type of girl and a bit of a product junkie.

    Back to the product. I found it fairly easy to use and I have not had a lot of problems burns or with the light turning off while in use like many have said, maybe it is the shape of my face? I don't know. I almost always use the wide heat blade, even above my lip. It does stink when you use it, hell yes, but I light a candle or my Lampberger and go on with my life. The nono works best on my face and it has been a bit of miracle worker for me. I have noticed a slow reduction of regrowth but the fact that thing gets rid of the hair without leaving a bunch of little red pluck spots is the real clincher for me. I have to use it every other day but it still takes me less time to nono and buff than it does to pluck. I love the fact that I am done with fuzz on my cheeks and sideburns and my makeup goes on so much nicer now. I do have to come in a get a few black stumps from my chin now and then, especially if I know I am going to be out in the sun with other people.
    I have also used it on my arms and I have noticed a reduction in regrowth there as well, but it takes so damn long to do. I still do use it on my arms occasionally but usually get lazy and buzz over them with the shaver attachment on my Panasonic epilator. I have not even bothered to try the nono on my legs because it would take an eternity...but that is why I have an epilator and razors.

    Overall I am very happy with this product but I don't think it is for everybody. It is expensive and if you are not that hairy I wouldn't bother. However, if you have a really hairy face this thing ROCKS as long as you understand that it is not going to get rid of all of your hair after a few uses. If you are like me just knowing that there is something to help this much is comforting.

    One other unexpected bonus is that this thing fries off skin tags! I discovered this by accident but I am sure glad I did. Oh yeah, and it is cordless and rechargeable to you can take it camping or whatever. And no, I do not work for the company. I am just a hairy Armenian girl looking for some relief : )
  • Cathy K - Works for me!I can't recall ever writing a review before on Amazon but want to let people know that this plan has really worked for me. Finishing week 3 and down 14 pounds, clothes are looser, feeling very good and sleeping better than I have in years. I am very pleased with the results so far.

    I saw this on Dr Oz and it made sense to me. I never had a weight problem until menopause and have tried several diets with varying degrees of success. I am very active but the weight kept creeping up and the idea of revving up my metabolism made sense to me. I have not followed it 100%---If I want a cup of coffee, I have it, although I don't really want coffee much anymore. I allow one night a week to go out to dinner and have wine. And I don't count calories. But I have eliminated wheat and refined sugar, and I follow the phases and exercises for each phase closely other than what I've mentioned.. The variety of different phases keeps it easy for me to follow the plan. I don't like phase 2 at all (veggies and protein only) but for two days a week, I can tolerate it.

    I followed the book just fine (hardcover). I do have a feeling it was rushed to publish as some things are confusing but Ive ultimately been able to figure them out. I love some of the recipes and look forward to the cook book due out at the end of the year.