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  • Dr. Bojan Tunguz - My Favorite Collection in Several YearsI am a big fan of short fiction, and I am always looking for opportunities to read a good short story or two. In the years gone by, when I was not as busy with my work, I'd probably read a story or two a week, mostly in the New Yorker or some similar magazine with a literary bend. Recently, though, I've drifted away from those publications and don't get a chance to read short stories as often as usual. I still make a point of going through the "Best American Short Stories" collections at the end of each year. They keep me abreast of what has been written lately, but each year's edition can swing widely in terms of the quality of writing. I felt that in recent years stories, incredibly literary and well-written as they were, have become stale and too workshop-like. Fortunately, after reading this year's collection I have a renewed sense of optimism about American short story. In my opinion, this is perhaps the best collection in three to four years and well worth reading.

    The first few stories in this collection did not really impress me all that much. The American authors still seem to be more obsessed with the inner states of the protagonists minds, interpersonal relationships, and overall moods and sentiments than they are with the plot development and a delivery of just good old storytelling. However, the quality of the stories picked up and soon enough I was reading stories that had a lot of emotional impact and had you thinking and coming back to them for days after I finished reading them. A few of the stories that stood out for me were Nathan Englander's "Free Fruits for Young Widows," Ricardo Nuila's "Dog Bites," and George Sunders' "Escape From Spiderhead." Many others took chances with the narrative style, plot twists, and the points of view. They were as interesting and provocative as they were well written. Overall, I am really happy with this year's choices and hope to see many such good stories in the upcoming edition of this collection.
  • Julia Casas - Great TabletThis tablet has great technology and you get a lot for the price you pay (refurbished) It's not the newest model but I didn't need that, this one has all the gadgets I needed
  • Alexey P - Amazon warehouse used is actually new in boxI bought a used one from Amazon Warehouse and I've been worrying about the account transfer. To my surprise, it's an unopened box so I can still activate my account use the CD-Key inside. The box looks old but who cares.

    I love the game. It's more fun than other games I've played (AOE2, Civ 4, Final Fantasy 7-13, Torchlight). It's not as good as D2, but still good. If you expect it to be like D2 which you can play for a decade, you may be disappointed. But if you want something to keep you entertained for weeks or longer, this will satisfy you.
  • T. Scott - Great WorkoutI recently purchased this game as a way for me to start working out more often, I asked my son who just returned home from basic training to give it a go first and give me his opinion of it. He called me at work and said that it was wonderful. He then preceded to tell me that he will be using it to workout in the morning instead of taking his morning run. I can't wait to get home and try it for myself.
  • Starlitsky1122 - Loved my experienceReceived this product sample to try for free from Smiley360. Had my very first cold sore this past week and so I used this product. The ease of use was very comforting as I hate getting cold sores and all that comes with having a cold sore (i.e. the pain, etc.). This product was definitely easy to use and had positive effects in my case. I would definitely be willing to use this product in the future as well as to recommend it to friends.