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  • falkon215 - Nice soundbar for the priceSoundbar very nice bass,hook-up was easy,wish it had reg digital audio but it is great for price.Looks very cool and comes with everything you need.Matches my Sceptre 40inch TV which I love,HD picture is outstanding.Hooked up to the computer with ease.all in all great product for the price,awesome sound for the price.
  • John W. Wenzelburger - Microsoft Windows 8 Pro - UpgradeI had mixed feeling about upgrading to yet another new windows but it was well done and worth the change.
    HOWEVER if you are happy with Windows 7 and don't like new things then don't bother. Other then the new desktop there is not much in the way it works that would make you want to change from windows 7. I use Windows 7 at work and windows 8 at home and once the "Metro" screen is gone I cant really tell the difference. there are some neat applications for the metro screen that might be worth upgrading and you are getting a faster operating system or it seemed to me to be faster I think this was more meant for tablet use but it works fine on a desktop.
  • Just Me - Pleasantly surprisedI purchased the HD software to generate 3d floorplans and walkthroughs for my business(apartments). I am no computer genius, but for the cost of the software you get a very powerful tool to model structures, landscapes, and a very complete library of 3d objects. This is very user friendly, and if you put the effort in you can learn and use it pretty quickly. There is a learning curve, so be patient and keep working through it(watch their how to videos and call in: they have good free support). Honestly the most negative thing I have to say is this: I didnt understand the fact that you need a fairly powerful computer if you are going to run really complex models with this software. Simple cad views and design, etc can be done with a "weaker" computer, but in order to generate really complex 3d models with millions of surfaces you really need a computer with a strong 3d graphics card and lots of fast processors. Despite this I highly recommend this software and think it is great. The customer service is excellent, Mrs. Sloyka upgraded me from designer 2011 to 2012 for free because I bought 2011 close to the release date(thank you I appreciate it), and I called sales several times before deciding to purchase and they were very helpful, answered all my questions, helped me with the free trial version, etc. So if you need an intro product to do cad work do your research, but dont hesitate to buy home designer from chief architect(also you can install on 3 computers which is a good bonus).

    Do not be afraid of the fact that there is only five tracks.

    Just like WISH YOU WERE HERE and DARK SIDE before it the album is without fault. A gem from start to finish.

    Roger Waters was only starting to go crazy and his bitterness hasn't grown stale yet. In fact here its fresh and it bites hard.

    PIGS DOGS AND SHEEP: all have some sort of political meanings that I don't really give a crap about. This album is not about the words so much as about the music. The band plays as a whole and really jams out.

    FOR MOST PEOPLE DARK SIDE IS THE FLOYD CONVERTER: It was mine too. THE one that turned me on to Floyd. This one here is the best. No doubt. Play it really loud.


    ANIMALS (1977) is the one where ROGER WATERS finally decided that he was the owner of PINK FLOYD. Though we know that he never should have been so greedy. What started here peaked in '79 (The WALL) and crumpled in '83 with a peice of crap called THE FINAL CUT.

    Roger Waters break down wasn't as fun as his long lost companion SYD BARRETT's and it is sad that he couldn't just get over his "control" problems.

    It wasn't long until the real PINK FLOYD would become just a fond memory.
  • ALH "bisou bisou" - Coverted Tassimo lover here!My sister was the Keurig lover and I was the Tassimo lover. It is like Pepsi and Coke; you usually have a preference and can't be converter. I never understood the craze over Keurig, until my sister bought me the Vue.

    I used my Tassimo daily and admit I overbought the discs. I loved that the Tassimo had a barcode reader and knew what temperature to use. It seemed idiot proof. However, it started giving me issues, coffee was always spraying all over the counter and I was fearful sense I have a toddler and worried if she was near it, what it would do. Even after Tassimo had a recall for a part, it did not fix the problem, it was worse! Also, Tassimo stopped carrying A LOT of their coffees. So they had me hooked and then several of the companies dropped Tassimo. I was left with very little to select from and nothing was available on Amazon directly. It was third parties and very expensive. When my Tassimo exploded one day and I had to spend three hours cleaning it up, I was over my love. It was hard to clean, impossible even. Having to descale it to even work sometimes you name it.

    When my sister bought me the Vue, I was in love! Granted, it is hard to find the Vue cups here on Amazon but if you order from Keurig directly, they give you a discount and the shipping is fast!

    I love how you can control the temperature but think the factory setting is fine. Being able to select from so many different types of coffee, tea, cider, I love the choices! I think my favorite is the donut shop coffee. Being able to use a travel mug as well, priceless!

    I will warn that the recyclable cups might not be accepted with the trash company so you might want to check. They are number 5 and my trash company sadly only takes type 1 or 2. I have been asking them to take 5 and hope enough people will ask as well. I was excited about recycling the cups but sadly it is not available to be with the companies around here.

    LOVE this machine! Best gift I ever received and use is several times a day. Some say it is bulky but I have a huge bread box built into my cabinets and just pull it out and in from there so you can't event tell I own it.

    If you are on the fence, I say try it! I was convinced I could not be converted, I was! Now I need to drink a cup of coffee that is waiting for me.