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  • lou30088 - Graet Amazon Product/deal yet again !!!I have used Norton Antivirus for 3+ years now. This product WORKS !!! I have not had any viruses at all. I would definitely buy this product on-line as apposed to renewing. It is half the price than renewal. Norton wanted $34.99 to renew. I paid $14.99 on-line for the same product. Keep that in mind when it's time to renew. GREAT PRODUCT !!!
  • J. Sorrell "SinCityHippie" - best price for bookbook was free helps a little with work nice to have on phone and tablet for easy access.... not bad
  • Joe Siepka - My 2 centsSo far I like the series and I would recommend it. What I'm having a rough time with is connecting with the characters. There is still a lot of potential and that alone will keep me watching.

    And for all those that say we are crazy for purchasing the episodes when you can watch them for free this is my response. I prefer to show my support directly to the show by paying to view it without commercials. Regardless of using Amazon or other services I can watch any episode, anywhere, on any of my devices without commercial interruption! Loosing 15 minutes in every hour due to commercials is time I can never get back. So here is my two bucks please keep pushing out more episodes!
  • RBatty - 1 Star Reviews Way Off BaseLooking at the # reviews/star breakdown, if you eliminate the bogus 1 star reviews, what you have is a legitimate 4 star game.

    Let me restate that: This is a bona-fide 4 star game! (I gave 5 stars to offset the ridiculous # of 1 star reviews.)

    I purchased this game for $29.99 during the black Friday deals. Even at the current price, it's still a great buy IMHO.

    The graphics are a significant step-up from D2 (as would be expected after all these years.) The cinematics are beautifully done. The story is quite engrossing. The enemies are varied and challenging depending on how much "monster power" I use....nice risk/reward there. The auction house is actually a lot of fun. I have yet to get a legendary drop, but I've been able to use some gold to buy items to help augment my character.

    I have had ZERO connectivity issues and ZERO issues playing on Windows 8.

    Yes there are no "skill trees" as in D2. No problem. I don't miss 'em that much.

    In summary, this is a great effort by Blizzard. I hope they make an expansion as before with D2. I hope it's more than 1 act as well ;-)
  • Breath killer - Absolute bestI suffered from bad breath since I don't know when!!! I was ashamed to be around people and talk without a mint and gum and oh let's not talk about waking up in the morning next to my bf!! Embarrassing!!!!!!! I went to Walgreens one day and seen this beautiful bottle and read it and tried it!! It was the best fricking $8.00 I have ever spent!!!! OMG I am confident now and I can talk whenever without gum and mints and it lasts all day long!! You guys this is really a life saver I can't believe it works!! I don't have a bad taste no odor and I'm just soooo happy with this product please this is such a blessing in my life right now!!! I feel confident and healthy!! Do buy if you are embarrassed or ashamed of your bad breath!!