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Country: North America, US, United States

City: Ashburn, Virginia

  • JournalistJim - No more sending teenage boys the future to save my ass!Too many times I've had to send some unsuspecting teenage boy into the past to awkward learn about his family through sexual innuendo-laced hilarious events to eventually save me from getting shot by Libyans in a parking lot that I purchased Uranium from for my time machine car! And then I discovered how easy it was to purchase Uranium through Amazon and at such a fantastic price! It's half-life is long...with savings! Every time I click buy I feel 1.21 gigawatts of excitement realizing how easy it is!
  • Srayven "Rayven" - AWESOME TabletApproaching this review from the tablet/OS perspective, NOT downloaded apps, between an iPad2 and this Transformer Prime. While I feel like the apps are really what make a tablet worth while, there are too many differences between the same app on both devices that come down to quality of programming spend for the device. Being honest, most developers spend more time/money on the iPad version, then attempt a conversion to Android.

    I only got to play with the Honeycomb version of this tablet for about 4 days, and it felt very similar to an iPad2: transitions between desktop screens flickered, WiFi worked ok with issues connecting to places like Chic-Fil-A, GPS so slow to connect outdoors but then worked great (not so great indoors). Main drawback to the Prime/Honeycomb tablet was it was constantly referred as a "phone". Prompts about making calls, ringtones, vibrate feature etc. It really took away from the tablet only (no 3G/4G available). There WAS no reason to accept this tablet over the iPad2...

    All this changed with the update to Icecream Sandwich (ICS), transitions between desktop screens is SMOOTH, better than iPad2. WiFi update stablized the issues connecting at Chic-Fil-A, GPS connection improved with an update. All these updates to the system were out within the first MONTH of product release.

    Now for my tidbit on the app areas: Apple has better apps and more of them, no surprise being the leader. Once you select iPad your into the WHOLE Apple bandwagon with iTunes and iCloud. Now their products just work very well together which is very appealing if you like all their products. Android Marketplace has a lot of great apps, most the same as their iTunes conterpart, however "some" are more finicky on Android than iOS. However, the best app reason for Android the ability to install apps from other sources, like Amazon or GetJar. This allows you to bypass Google if desired and pick your own sources for apps.

    I am in no way an expert and this only represents my opinion. Only trying it for yourself can you build an accurate picture.
  • George F MacPherson - More of the SameAs usual, Quickbooks 2012 is bullet-proof just like its predecessors. I upgraded from 2009 and didn't come across any new features in 2012 that I would use. The main complaint I have is that Intuit forces its users to upgrade by causing the older version to no longer work with online banking. Unless you are forced to upgrade, there really is no reason to waste your money by buying Quickbooks 2012.
  • Martine Sinkondo - Back to BasicI endorse Miss Gokhale 120%.I'm from Burkina Faso(BF), and the pictures in her book are exactly how people sit, stand, walk ,sleep...I used to have the same great postures ten years ago before I came to California.When my friend showed me "8 STEPS to a PAIN-FREE BACK" ,I had my Aha moment.I ordered the book the same night,and signed up for the free introductory class.It was a great pleasure to meet with her.Not only the teaching was great, but her own posture spoke louder than her words.All I was thinking, was wanting to look like her as soon as possible.At the end of the class ,I thank her from bringing me Back to Basic.
    I have been suffering from chronic back,neck, knees, you name it.I have been seeing a chiropractor over 2 years now.She was great.My pain always went away for about a week or two, then it was like I have never received a treatment.Not even once I thought about something was wrong about my posture.When I started to read Esther's book , everything made sense.I have forgotten about my natural posture.What struck me the most was the fact that I haven't done hip hinging for 8 years.I used to do hip hinging to do dishes, laundry, cleaning,gardening, gathering...
    Now it is obvious to me why I never had any neck pain or back pain before I moved to the USA.Anyway,the book is simple to read with the help of great illustrations.I know what type present to give my friends with complains of pain for Christmas and B-days:"8 STEPS to a PAIN-FREE BACK".Be free at last.
  • C. Helms "Healed by SCD" - I'd like to rate this book higher than a five...it saved my life!I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and then Crohn's about 4 years ago. The medication that my doctor put me on worked for a little while, but than stopped having any affect on my colon. I tried several different medications, including Remicade, but my symptoms just kept getting worse. I was hospitalized twice last year because my inflammation was so high and I was losing so much blood.

    Then about 4 months ago, my husband came home from work with a web link he had found while researching UC and Crohns, it was for this book. I immediately navigated to the website the next day for research and then read all of the reviews on Amazon. I figured...What do I have to lose? I had been feeling like I was slowly dying. I was so encouraged by the reviews that I bought the book, read it and went straight to the grocery store to start buying SCD legal foods that week.

    I have followed the diet for 4 months now, but my blood work came back after the first 3 weeks with absolutely no signs of inflammation. I was finally in remission, after being in a constant flare for one straight year. That really encouraged me! I was getting stronger every day. After only 4 short months I now have no symptoms whatsoever!!!

    This diet is unbelievable! I share it with other friends that are suffering from the same type of illness because I know from personal experience that the GI's won't recommend a change in diet because they truly believe that diet has no affect on the colon. I feel very sad for those that follow their doctor's advice and then suffer endlessly.

    One quick comment about the difficulty of the diet! It is challenging at first, especially if you are not that experienced of a cook (like me). But now it is like second nature. I just do it and it makes me feel wonderful! My motivation is thinking about how I used to be pre-scd, my energy was so low that I couldn't even do simple house work and I didn't feel like doing much of anything else. After one month on the diet, my husband came home one day to find me painting the living room. My energy is off the charts! I even went running last week. Yeaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, buy the book. Try the diet for 30-45 days to see how you feel! What do you have to lose?! Having to cook for yourself is not any worse than the constant pain, tremendous blood loss, low energy and the feeling of complete hopelessness. To me it is exciting, hopeful, healing and energizing. I am grateful to have found such a simple cure. My thanks is to the late Elaine Gottschall for having the courage and perseverance to share her story and the path to success and then provide us with the road map so we all could follow.