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  • BookerTea - History Rendered RealIf you think history has to be dry as stale dog poo, check out Hilary Mantel's novels. I loved Wolf Hall, and Bring Up the Bodies continues the saga of Thomas Cromwell through the beheading of Anne Boleyn. The reign of Henry VIII has been done to death, but somehow Mantel manages to breath new life into it. I can't wait for the concluding book in the trilogy. If you know your history you'll know that Cromwell comes to a bad end. P.S.: Mantel's novel about the French Revolution, A Place of Greater Safety (bad title, good book) is also extremely worthwhile.
  • Matthew - Great product for the moneyFirst off, I never had really bad acne but it always seemed that I had a couple of zits at any given moment. I had used a prescription but that made my skin dry so I wanted to try something different.. That's when I decided to give Exposed skin care a try. I started off using it everyday and pretty much instantly I noticed my skin get clearer. One and a half years later, I still use it but now I probably only use it 3 or 4 times a week. My skin still looks great and it's the same price that I was spending for my prescription. I only use the basic kit and it works wonderful.
  • Delaney - For Me Pretty AwesomeI wanted to wait a little while and test this out a bit before I judged. It was a bit of a pain to load on my computer, I needed to turn off my Antivirus software. Whoops. Anywho, I can tell you that the Roxio tech support and forum people are pretty awesome, and were able to help me out in no time.

    I was able to use the Roxio Pro to create a project for one of my ethics course, complete with video powerpoint and soundtrack. A favorite feature is the sound soap. My son's grandma used to be a lounge singer and we found some of her old crackly records, we had the records put on cds a few years ago, but the sound still crackled a bit. We were able to clean up the noise in the back of her records. Of course we kept the crackly ones for authenticity, but we have the clean version so he can listen to her anytime he wants. The moodmapping feature of the custom soundtrack was pretty cool. For my ethics project it really did look like we had a professional do our soundtrack and it was a couple of hours fooling around on the computer and voila we made this really professional very emotional video presentation.

    And just for fun we took some old family videos and converted them to 3D along with a few favorite photos. You can view the 3D finished product on your PC or on your standard TV. If you purchase Roxio 2011 Pro you get 3D glasses with purchase. You do not need a special screen or TV to see your finished 3D product.

    The advanced editing is really cool. I'll happily admit that I can't always keep my hands still for a video shot, accident, so to be able to take that out via editiing was really awesome.

    I haven't quite gotten the hang of the photo landscape. But I really appreciate the photo restoration. I have some great old photos that were not taken care of and it was such a wonderful thing to be able to fix them, I cried, really, when I was able to fix the photo of my grandma and I making applesauce when I was a wee tot. I remember the day clearly and now the photo is awesome and up in my kitchen.
  • Its All Good "its all good" - Incredible!!When you read this be prepared for what these pages hold. I am a Christian and have read the accounts of Christ in the New Testament and knew it was a horrific death but I was not prepared for this historical read. This book has shaken me to the core. I had problems with following the historical timeline and 're read many pages. It's absolutely imperative to understand what was happening before Christ was killed. I have always known how horrible it was but what the authors present is an insight I'm not sure I was ready to read. Having said that..I'm grateful for this book. I'm glad I read it. I will read it again. I will never be able to put these scenes behind me. It has altered me and my thought process about my Saviour...and I know through it all he was in charge of his fate and could have stopped it any time. I also know that he has risen! HE lives! I