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  • Dr.J. - Ladies, stop moving pitchers.I love the potential of blu-ray to offer high resolution audio and fill the void left by dvd-a and sacd. Unfortunately, that hasn't materialized. However, the live concert "movie" is an excellent opportunity to see and hear what blu-ray audio could be. So far I have not found many discs that wow, but the Time Machine concert is certainly one of them. It's not as tight or as "clean" as say Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scotts (which is maybe the best on blu so far) or as sonorous as David Gilmour's Remember that Night but it's Rush and it Rocks. Video is generally excellent, but I buy these for the audio and this disc doesn't disappoint. The sound is clear, the bass is strong and Geddy's voice is not buried nor is it out in front of the music. My only complaint is there is a bit more audience noise than I'd like. This is a live concert and that is to be expected and for the most part they do a great job of suppressing the audience during the music, but this was recorded in a huge venue so there is the occasional yell or whistle that makes it's way to front (no where near as bad as Rush in Rio). If you are a fan of Rush and have a system that can take advantage of the DTS HD Master Audio then you should pick this up and then crank it up. You might also want to check out the blu-ray release of Moving Pictures which is outstanding.
  • mother - Druge guideI was shocked that I found a new drug guide that was in such good condition and the price could not get any better.

    I want to thank you are so great.
  • Jon D - Wicked socks! ...You see what I did there? That's a pun :)These are the absolute best wicking socks I've ever worn!
    I've been working construction for the past month and I've been wearing these liners under some other cheapo socks. That means being physically active all day outside, wearing big safety boots. Yet with these liner socks, my feet never feel sweaty, clammy, or gross. When I'm home, my feet literally feel better in these socks than if they're bare. When I'm barefoot on a hot day, my feet often get clammy. When I'm wearing these liners, however, my feet remain dry and cool all day. It really is unlike any other sock I've ever worn!
    I'll be the first to admit that they look ridiculous, but keeping the toes separate really does make them more comfortable once you get used to it. Besides, when you're using them as liners, you can't even tell they're toe-socks.

    The trade-off:
    -These socks do take longer to put on (it helps to keep your toenails trimmed)
    -They may take a bit more effort to properly fold after laundering
    -Due to the lightweight fabric, they do not seem very durable. I have yet to put a hole in any of them, but they are starting to wear out a bit in some places (and I have not worn any pair more than maybe a dozen times).
    -Not the manliest-looking socks
    -Expensive (especially with shipping to Canada, plus duties)

    That being said, I still think they're totally worth it. I will be buying more soon.

    I will be embarking on a week-long walking pilgrimage next month. I usually get tonnes of blisters on these trips. I'm looking forward to seeing how these fare under such circumstances - hopefully I can avoid blisters this time. I will update this review when I get back.

    As for shipping to Canada (just outside Toronto) from Amazon, I was actually surprised how quickly they arrived. It was a while ago, so I can't remember the exact amount of time, but I know it was quicker than Amazon's estimate (I think they took about a week). My only gripe was that Fed Ex was not very helpful when trying to coordinate with the delivery person, so I had to pick it up. Then they sent me a bill a few weeks later for duty charges, rather than charging me COD. I'm trying to see if I can find a Canadian supplier this time.

    One last thing, I was pretty annoyed by the 4-pair limit too.

    There actually appears to be two different versions of these socks. The socks I originally bought (the ones I wrote about in the above review) had a little red tag on top with the Injinji logo. I liked them so much that I decided to buy more a few months later. The second shipment I got had the Injinji logo printed on top of the actual sock (as pictured by amazon). I guess it's probably a newer edition. There are a few more differences, though. I thought I should mention them.
    The older version (tag) were longer, despite them both being crew length. Also, the newer version is significantly thicker and sturdier. As a result, I'm sure the newer ones will be more durable, but they are also not nearly as cool and comfortable in hot weather. My older ones have now run through with some minor holes between some of the toes.
    Personally, I greatly prefer the older ones even though they're not as durable. I only wear these socks when comfort is a priority. I think that a shorter lifespan is worth it for such comfort if it is really necessary.

    That brings us back to that pilgrimage I went on. I am happy to say that my TOES did not blister up at all this time, thanks to my liners. However, my boots did still create hot-spots on the backs of both my heels. To counteract this, midway through the pilgrimage I started to tie my boots SUPER tight in the front and looser at the top. This relieved the pressure from the back of my heal but created a lot more pressure on my toes. Consequently, my toes were sore at the end of each day, but they still did not blister thanks to these socks!

    Bottom line: If you can find the older ones (with the logo on a little red tag instead of printed on the sock), and if you do not insist on durability, then I highly recommend them. As for the newer ones, I'm less enthusiastic.
  • Michael "Spike" Behn "Namaste" - Psychotherapy In a BoxLike many, we have a wonderful child that is defiant, manipulative and subject to tantrums. We checked into therapy in the DC area, and the going rate for a GOOD therapist, that doesn't even accept insurance, was $135 hour. Good luck on finding a seasoned therapist thru an HMO in any reasonable time or if at all. Therapy sessions would be 50 minutes, and 15 of that would be spent in chit chat about how things are going, so the REAL cost is closer to $250 per hour. Yikes!

    At about $300 +/-, Total Transformation is a Godsend. As they state, you will (alright, "can") see results almost immediately. The author's basic approach is that one MUST make the child accept responsibility for his actions and that the parents MUST not allow the child to abuse the them. He of course goes into much more depth and provides copious examples, and ways to achieve this. Author has a good sense of humor and is easy to listen to.

    Yes, that seems SO simple and like "duh!" But, if it WERE that simple, you wouldnt be reading this review.... We started to implement the concepts right away in that the progam is easy to grasp and get started. And YES, we DID notice results right away and things are improving each and every day.

    Of course, some with say this didn't work for them. Like any self help concept, the effectiveness is based on the person using it. And like anything else, if you are expecting miracles, you may be disappointed; but if you are realistic, this program is of great value. Certainly much cheaper than weekly therapy sessions.

    AND, if you purchase the program from the publisher (either new or reburished, meaning is was returned), you have (30) days to return it for a full refund. Given this, how can one possibly lose giving this a try?! Get hold of your life and your childs, just DO it. Mike