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  • Chad Spivak - She Couldn't Possibly Blow Up Another Car?Stephanie Plum, "The Bombshell Bounty Hunter," is back once again in the fifth book in this hilarious series. Janet Evanovich has outdone herself once again.Stephanie has been asked by her family to find her missing Uncle Fred. Along her search, she stumbles across a string of dead bodies, a polite, yet annoying bookie, an organized crime wedding, and a crooked garbage company. To make matters worse, she begins having lust-filled feelings for her mentor and super-natural bounty hunter, Ranger. With on-again-off-again feelings for Joe Morelli, she is torn between which man to choose.Evanovich does a masterful job of weaving a wonderfully cohesive story around a hilarious cast of characters, who are all filled with life. Regulars Lula, Connie, Vinnie, and the whole burg family are also back, not to forget the terrifying "Book one" character of Benito Ramirez, fresh out of jail. This fast-paced book is an action-packed, page-turning thriller that keeps you guessing til the very last page.This is another amazing novel by Janet Evanovich. Her writing style flows ever so smoothly, and the humor is outstanding. You will not want to put this book down. Give Evanovich a HIGH FIVE on this book.
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