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  • GinDz - Fits many table sizes!I bought this one to replace the faulty Regalo Easy Diner that I purchased from Amazon. This one fits my table perfectly. It is very easy to take on and off, is secure, and it appears to adjust to a variety of table sizes, unlike the Regalo. The seat appears to be very secure, it is a padded piece of wood or plastic. Your baby doesn't just sit in the seat cover only with no support. There are, of course, safety straps for when my son starts trying to climb out of it. The material is easy to wipe down or you can just take it off and wash it. I wish I had spent the extra money on this one first.
  • Hank Peace - The Man in BlackBiographers of musicians tend to face the same basic problem: outside of their music and antics, musicians tend to be as boring as anyone else (and for many the music isn't of much interest). Johnny Cash was different. He was an intelligent man, devouring books on history and religion. He was an iconoclast, when musicians' views are more often as predictable and conformist as they are simplistic. He had a deep abiding love for and commitment to gospel music, despite resistance from the music industry and a spotty record of church attendance. He did, like so many musicians, have serious drug problems, but Hilburn doesn't make that the focus of his biography. Rather, he keeps the focus exactly where it should be--on the music. It's a testament to the strength of Cash's songwriting that Hilburn can include so much of so many songs. They work as well as poetry as they do as songs, even the ones I wasn't yet familiar with.

    Cash was a titan of music. What other musician could you write a 700 page biography on that would feel shallow in parts. Cash's career spanned across so many decades (from the 50s on) and trends in music (rockabilly to folk to outlaw country) and he interacted with so many other great musicians (from Elvis to Bob Dylan to Kris Kristofferson) and public figures (Nixon and Billy Graham) that inevitably something will leave you wanting more. Hilburn hits the most important points well, though, from the prison shows to Cash's passion for the downtrodden to his drug addiction (at too great length, that, but that's Cash's fault) to his triumphant final act with Rick Rubin. The book is packed with vignettes, like Cash being one of only three musicians to write Steve Earle a note while he was in jail for cocaine and weapons possession. Hilburn writes it all well and with a deep knowledge of the music (if with = a hint of snobbishness).

    Disclosure: I received a complimentary e-copy of Johnny Cash: A Life via NetGalley.
  • hollalove - So easy - shouldn't be this easy!I can't believe how easy it was download and install this... I needed Word in a hurry to work on a resume for a deadline. As a PC user, I was worried that the Mac interface of Word was going to be poor. But I wasn't disappointed. There are things I'll always be used to from a PC perspective, but this 2011 version is quite simple to use. The download aspect gave me a quick solution. Relatively affordable... I have fast internet speed at my home, so I'm not sure how it would do on a lower speed (I have 12 MBpS).
  • Jennifer - Must have for parents of babies.I didn't think I needed a baby book because I can search most questions on the Internet. However I found I reference this book all the time! I like having a consistent source I can trust as opposed to weeding through hundreds of Internet sites. I definitely recommend. Most helpful topics for me are on starting solids and sleep.
  • Robert Kall "Rob Kall of" - Brilliant, terrifying-- a must-read book for these timesHeidi Boghosian has written a brilliant, powerful expose, spelling out how the surveillance and police state has metastasized throughout far too much of our culture.
    Each chapter details different ways government agencies and police are out of control, damaging, dangerous threats to democracy.

    Every member of congress should read a copy. Problem is, too many members of congress have forgotten they represent the american people, and not the military intelligence, insurance complex.

    I did an interview with Heidi on my radio show.