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  • Barry S. - Nothing Gets By It!I've been using Norton products for several years now ever since I got burned by McAfee.Since then I've only used Norton Internet Security Suites and I've never had any malware penetrate it's defenses. I started using Norton based on reviews by the online computer magazines. It's the best and you can get good prices if you look around. It's easy to install and maintain. If your computer is infected when you install this, it will clean it up. It's good peace of mind knowing your system is secure. With Norton you won't be sorry but with the others you might be.
  • Nicole Bernd - Renewed my Faith in SEOI have helped some local small businesses build their websites, and then helped them manage them on their own. I always suggested to these small business owners that they NEVER hire an SEO expert and just focus on building high quality content. This suggestion stemmed from the scammy SEO 'experts' that would approach me with promises of making it to the top ten using schemes like automated back-linking, hidden text, cloaking, etc. I didn't believe that SEO was a legitimate subject.

    However, reading Andy Williams SEO 2013 and Beyond was incredibly refreshing. He even says, "Do you believe your page deserves to rank above medical sites, where the authors are medical doctors?" This statement really impressed me. Google is the top search engine because it provides its searchers with amazing content and when these SEO 'experts' altered the results in my searches giving me crappy content I got upset. This is where Andy's white-hat strategies for SEO really impressed me. Get to the top of Google by providing your visitors true value instead of an empty spammy website!

    Basically I loved this book and highly recommend it. It is well worth the couple of bucks it costs. It is easy to read, succinct, and brilliant. He offers a lot of great tips without all the fluff that some authors throw in to add page count. Thanks Andy for a good read that upped my SEO IQ.
  • JP "ZappaFan" - My Favorite Floyd AlbumI know that Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall are generally regarded as their best and are certainly more popular in general, but this is my favorite Floyd album overall. Part of me realizes that this being the year/tour I saw them probably has a lot to do with it, but I would still argue that Dogs and Pigs (3 different ones) are 2 of their BEST songs even if I hadn't!!! And, as other reviewers have already mentioned, this is some of Gilmour's BEST guitar work.... PERIOD!!!

    Bottom line.....if you don't have Animals, your Pink Floyd collection is incomplete!!
  • SouthernYankee - This Book is Radical for sure!This book is an accurate description of how radical American Christ followers should be! This book is well written, yet it challenges our very culture as Christians in the U.S. Platt truly challenged me and has changed the way I see Christianity.. he seems like a humble writer and never seems to stray from scripture! I recommend and will read again.