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  • GluedTogether - Excellent program -- renewal of Best Buy purchase issue solvedI originally purchased this program last year with a new laptop from Best Buy. It's an excellent program, well rated and easy to use and understand. With the expiration date approaching, Best Buy started peppering me with reminders to purchase a renewal license, but instead I purchased a CD on Amazon for considerably less. I had an issue in inserting the new code because where a screen should have appeared asking for it, instead I was forwarded to the Best Buy purchase screen. After reading all the Kaspersky help info I could find, I e-mailed them and got a pretty fast reply. The secret? A tiny red "x" next to the license number that I hadn't noticed before. Click it to delete the current code and bring up a screen to enter the new code. I was very pleased with the savings and will certainly look to renew my license the same way next year.
  • Bigone - Mosby's 2012 Drug nursing ref.It is easy to use and has drugs along with there uses And side effects
    I showed it to my Dr. He said it was great and would help him for me to keep
    up with what was going on Because he only see's me once a month. Excelent Book