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  • S Holden - best blender for the moneyI've had this blender for about a month and use it at least once a day to make smoothies...I have put yellow beets, nuts and seeds along with my fruits and greens and they always come out smooth. I got excited about incorporating more green drinks into my diet after attending a raw food seminar. They had a list of "must haves" being a Vitamix .....granted, I cant make a big batch of anything but the large container will fill a 3 cup Mason jar and that is more than enough for me!...and I spent $100 instead of $400!!
  • Mac Stewart - It Works!I reviewed and analyzed other brands and decided I would try this brand due to the other reviews. I must say this is an excellent product and it does work. I noticed that my stomach bloated some initially but my desire for food and sweets decreased. I would take two tablets in the morning 30-45 minutes before eating and would not eat again until later afternoon taking two more pills and a pill late at night for a snack. Sometime I would forget to eat. As for the stomach the bloating left rather quickly and in one week to ten days I was amazed at the results. I was energized and I experienced zero side effects. It works and you have to eat but you will not have the desire to eat sweets or a lot of food. I recommend this brand highly. In my usage I took the recommended dosage by Dr. Oz even though it differs from the brand's recommended dosage. I believe it will work if you take it 30 minutes before eating on an EMPTY stomach. This is very important for the garcinia cambogia to get into your system and to work effectively. I forgot to mention I have not weighed myself but I know by the loose clothing.