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  • TinTucson - Tastes great and is good for you--here's the trick...Okay, I was hesitant to buy this because of all the reviews saying it tastes bad. But because it's so healthy and was a good deal I had to try it. Amazing. I put half a serving and about a cup of frozen pineapple (Trader Joes, cheap) in the vitamix. It was like a super chocolate smoothie. I think the vitamix helps the texture because it wasn't grainy at all, just smooth and the perfect thickness with about the suggested amount of water and pineapple.
  • Impostor - Transformer Prime RocksIssues: I have found that the device will get bogged down if you dont know how to close you webpages or apps. Also there is definitely some light bleed from the side of the screen with the headphone jack on it, and putting pressure on that side will make it worse. Personally though, I don't find these things to be that much of an issue because I dont get uptight about little things. The first issue is a software thing that can be fixed the other is hardware, but not something I personally would care to much about. GPS is not in my realm of concern as I would never use a tablet of this size in this manner. However, I can see this being a problem for some.

    Awesomeness: This device is my first Andriod so my opinion cannot be judged vs. other andriod devices. I did have an itouch and I can say I will never go back to Apple ever again. This device is smooth and a pleasure to use. I have not had any wifi issues at all. Movies stream very nicely and games are just insane. Using the web is also very nice and it is nice to not have to use an app to watch video content. Battery life is very good and not disaapointing at all. I'm looking forward to more Tegra3 optimized apps. Its going to be a good year. The speaker has plenty sound, but its nice to have a headphone jack. IMO the positives outweigh any minor negatives so I'm glad to give this device 5 stars.
  • moindn - Quickbooks Pro 2012Quickbooks 2012 is excellent accounting software, and Amazon has it available at an excellent price. The download version was very easy to download and install.
    Also, one of the neat features is the availability in my personal download library to download and re-install if something goes wrong with the software or my computer.
    I had a small glitch, totally on my side, and the support from Quickbooks helped me to clear up my situation.
  • mizuink - My daughter enjoys itI bought this for my daughter when she was about 2 months. I can honestly say that this taughter her to grasp because it was the first thing she grasped without assisstance. Around this time, she was kicking and that was the reason why I bought this originally. She was very surprised when she kicked the keys and she heard the sounds. The way the mirror hangs, she was also able to see the lights light up which def. caughter her interest. This kept her entertained for up to an hour, which was nice for me since I finally got my free time. The only thing that I didn't like was the lion hanging doesn't do anything like rattle, it's just a plastic lion. Nothing special. The elephant has a ball that can be easily spun, the red bird has something inside which makes a rattle sound, and the frog has rings hanging from it (those and the elephant are my daughter's favorite)

    My daughter has not learned to sit up by herself yet but she already shows interest in the keys now that she can roll over to her stomach. The brightness of the mat catches her interest too which is good. It's worth the money if you have a kicker!