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  • RevLee - Saves time, money, effort, and stress for clergy taxesThis is flat out the easiest way I have ever navigated the arcane world of clergy taxes (housing allowance exclusions, clergy expenses, self-employment taxes, etc.). I was anxious at first when Intuit bought out a competitor whose CLergyTax product was great, but after several years I can see now that I need not have been anxious at all.
  • opiffle "Vicky M-M" - Squeeze for best results...For the last few weeks I was really enjoying the elegance, speed and smooth operation of this tablet until I squeezed the pins. Then, WOW!

    The wifi worked well and I didn't really mind that the GPS put me near Baltimore when I live in Southern California. I don't use my tablet for navigating because it's so awkward and clumsy mounting it in the car. However, I did miss it following me in Weatherbug. But after reading reviews talking about the Squeeze fix, I had to check it out. What a simple solution. (google Squeeze fix for Asus Transformer Prime). Everything works perfectly now. The wifi is just about at peak speed and the GPS is creepy good how well it follows me. I liked the Honeycomb OS in my Xoom, but Ice Cream Sandwich blows it away with its smoothness of operation.

    Oh, and after the update last week, my little Transformer is a wifi hotspot. ;)

    UPDATE (March 8,2012): As of today,all location apps seem to be happy. I just watched Weatherbug & Google Maps zip to my location from Morro Bay (where I was this past weekend)to my location at home. Hadn't used the apps since the weekend.
  • Mom of 4 boys - Quick downloadI needed to upgrade immediately to access a new client's file. I was able to download and install in less than an hour. Contrary to other reviewers, I like the new style. It's sleek and modern, and it stands out from other versions so I don't get confused about which I'm working in. I have not had time to check out any new features, so I cannot comment on that aspect.