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  • Joshua M Olson - Great book - if you read it.

    I accept the reality that this book takes on sensitive issues and is emotionally charged but I wish more people would read this book before writing reviews and misrepresenting Sandberg's views illustrated in the book. She's not claiming all women have the same opportunity as her, that she made it to the top without a man helping her, or that it's all a woman's fault if she doesn't succeed, etc.

    This is a well written book based on research. It shines light on several areas that you might not have thought about and suggests both short and long term solutions. I think this is the sticking point for some people reading the book. Sandberg accepts the reality that we cannot change culture overnight (i.e. the long term solution) but instead of giving up and calling it a day she suggests ways to cope with issues in meantime (i.e. the short term solution), many of which will also facilitate change over the long haul.

    Hopefully people will start spending less time attacking the messenger and more time discussing the issues brought up in the book.

    I recommend this book for any one (yes, that includes men) but especially those in the professional world.

  • Justin D. Cofer - If you like Amazon and easy to use buy this tablet you can't lose

    I went back and forth between the tablets and my Wife wanted to order get a kindle so i got me one as well and I have never been happier with a tablet and i love Amazon so i will be buying another one whenever i need to but that may be a while

  • bookfinder "bookfinder" - my how everything has changed

    I have had now been fortunate to have or test every kindle they have made so far except for the kindle touch. I prefer Kindle over any other ereader... kobo has good competition for kindle, but they don't have the text to speech function, which I think is a good thing to have... anyways... I was also fortunate enough to find this kindle in perfect condition used for like $50. Their are many features I like about this kindle that they have taken away in the newer models, but I think they should bring some back...

    firstly, I think they should bring back the sd card slot... That is one of the things that tempted me to buying this kindle... It would help a lot of us who store personal documents, be able to have access more memory... especially with the kindle fire. I have movies and everything I would like to transfer to an sd card slot and play on my kindle fire, but the sd card slot is not available. I know they have cloud storage and stuff, but the movies I have are like family reunions/band concerts, and ect... I know their is a way to upload all your files into cloud storage, but I'm sorry amazon... I'm not willing to do that...

    secondly, I think they should bring back the scroll. I really liked using it other than the up and down buttons... maybe like put it in for a button, but not have it take up the entire side if they can figure that out...

    The charger on this is a lot different from the other chargers, but I guess it's all ok in the end...

    The usb cord on this is the older model that comes with the psp generation instead of the micro, so that's different... of my experience they are both the same...

    The only thing I don't like about this kindle is on the default memory their is only 126mb... to me that just doesn't cut it... I know we have the benefit of the sd card slot, but it's almost like they are pushing us to buy it

  • B. Cable "Kebles" - It just doesn't get any better than this!

    I'm a mobile gamer junkie. I've got three devices that I use primarily to play games with; an iPad, a Kindle Fire HD, and a Toshiba Thrive 10" Android Tablet. This is the ONLY game that I have on all three devices. When I first downloaded this app on, I really wasn't sure if I would really spend any time playing it; and CARDS? I hadn't messed with baseball cards since I was a kid, and at first it seemed much too chaotic. But after reading through the rules, then playing a couple of games to get the feel of its process, I was hooked & now I find myself playing this game almost exclusively. You will too if you like baseball. If you're lucky enough draw a Trout or Suzuki Platinum card for example, then upgrade it as you learn to play, the beauty of this game becomes clear. It takes some strategic thinking to really begin to understand all of the nuances of this game. When and where to use a pinch hitter for example, or learning how and when to buy new cards or someone else's on the market and selling your cards to pay for others. It will cost some money to get started effectively if you want to succeed, but the cost diminishes as you learn how to manage and play the game. It's worth the $15-$20 I've put into it for hours upon hours of fun and intriguing play.