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  • ChaRipley - Alyce is a PioneerMs. LaViolet has devoted her life to researching and advocating for women's rights. As the title suggests, "It Could Happen to Anyone," is a must read for anyone who desires to end violence between men and women. Just as men can victimize women, so may women to men. The author reminds each of us to first value ourselves so that we may value others. She reminds us of the humanity within each of us that has the potential to be kind & loving: as well mean & cruel. A must read for any person willing to understand one's behavior in relationships as well as the other. In essence, a read for anyone willing to be open-minded and non-discriminatory.
  • J. Peplinski - Impressions from a very inexperienced newbieI must let you know up front that I am VERY inexperienced in the digital art field and just got my pressure-sensitive Craft Tablet last week, which also came with Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter (both Essentials versions). So I'm just learning all three programs and feel like I have barely scratched the surface, but perhaps somebody reading this might be considering dipping a toe in the water and my inexperienced opinion might come in handy.

    First off, Sketchbook is VERY easy to jump in and use right away. I haven't done much other than doodle yet, but figuring out how to switch tools and change the properties of each tool (color, line thickness, opacity, etc). The symmetry tools are very cool and I can imagine they would make for some amazing graphic designs! The program is extremely responsive to the touch of pen to tablet; apparently you can decrease the responsiveness if it's just a bit too precise but I really like it that way. I jumped in and made some cool calligraphy scripts which would be really fun for embellishing photos or artwork for invitations or other printing projects. It also supports the "erase" function if your pen has one, though so far I can only get it to erase EVERYTHING at once like a digital eraser, and not softly bit-by-bit like Corel Painter - although maybe this feature is available but I haven't found it yet.

    The strengths of this program really seem to be sketching and graphic design. I must say I think that Corel Painter feels like a stronger painting program (as one might expect); I can't seem to find as many brushstroke and layering options in Sketchbook so I enjoy that more for watercolor-type projects. And Photoshop seems like a stronger photo editor, again as one might expect from the name and reputation. I'm really glad to have all three programs and all the options at my fingertips because they all have great strengths over one another. I haven't tried to use any of them without the pressure-sensitive tablet, which is what makes them all so unique and fun, so I'd highly recommend that.

    As a newbie I would say TRY IT if you have any inclination toward sketching, graphic design, or digital artwork. You'll find Autodesk Sketchbook very easy and fun, and who knows, maybe you'll create the next great art sensation!
  • CHERYL ANN "'HANGS OUT' @ LIBRARY!" - Just Right!The 2013 Blue sky Looney tunes Desk Pad 22 x 17 is the perfect size. I buy one for my hairdresser every year. She hangs it on the wall opposite her barber's chair, and she is able to see her appointments with a quick glance. She loves Tweety Bird, so that makes the calendar extra fun for her. The 2013 calendar has fun tune images. And the price is also right. Can't be beat!
  • Jeremy Carroll - BUY THIS BOOKIf you are taking the GRE buy this book. It has more information, better examples and is THOROUGH. I also studied with the official book by ETS and the new book by McGraw-Hill. I found myself using this book the most however. The amount of quantitative material in this book is COMPLETELY satisfactory to make a great score. Dr. Gruber put this book together right.
  • smadness - Oh how I love thee...I broke my regular coffee pot carafe so was looking for a new one then started looking at espresso machines which was overwhelming) and came across this little baby. Read the reviews and figured I would try it. Am I glad I did! This machine makes great cafe au lait. I wouldn't rank it as making espresso but what it does it does extremely well. It's worth it for the frothing alone as many frothers cost almost as much and with this machine you can turn out great cafe au lait, hot chocolate and my fav, chai tea lattes! Would it replace a regular coffee machine or espresso maker? No, but will definelty cut back on trips to the local coffee shop because you can and will make your own very tasty drinks at home.