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  • geezer2u - What is your problem?What is the problem with this product for so many of you? It is not meant for super music technicalities, nor subwoofer performance.
    It is meant to enhance TV playback sound, and does a great job as far as I am concerned. I live in a 4 appartment
    setting where a sub-woofer is not an option; as it has a continuous sub-floor which conducts bass to every end, especially next door to me.
    For me, it is perfect.The audio is better, the base is enhanced; yet not subwoofer booming.
    Another point: look at your equipment and the hookup in's and out's. (I have a HDTV, 2 DVRs, a DVR-VHS recorder, and another Player recorder, which all play back through the optical cable out of the TV to the Bose.) Check your equipment and your expectations for a "simple, one fits all hookup". This is a great unit, you just have to match your stuff, and not over-expect the results.
    I would reccomend this unit for the "hearing-loss/dialog hearing impaired", and those who live in apartments with neighbors, who don't like loud booms in the night from a subwoofer on their ceiling or floor. Or maybe consider wireless head phones, if you want to listen late and loudly to your favorite stuff; for the comfort of your heighbors. I give it 5 stars; the football games sound better, as do all the TV shows when I can hear the dialoge in normal tones and not whispers,the action scenes are good,and then not over-powering commercials! It is so nice. Still, look at all your options and equipment, and see what will fit the equipment you have. Hope this helps. Look at what you have and upgrade accordingly.
    But, if you want better, try the Bose Surround Theater; one bar, wireless subwoofer. So simple, make louder sounds! But not near ME! Just a thought but maybe you heavey dudes could get the Optical Splitter; only works on one input at a time, though.
    Maybe not enough for your requirements? But only a couple of bucks right here on Amazon. May this solve your problems?...
    As I said before, this is not a "Home Theater" solution, just an upgrade to better sound from your TV; depending on your TV...
    Please configure your system before you buy anything! Look at the spec's on all the Sellers. This is where I usually end up.
  • A mom - LeapPadLove leapfrog products and the leappad is no exception! This tablet is fantastic. We've only had it a few weeks so I haven't found anything we don't like about it yet.