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  • Kmiller - nothing hotter than a sexy alpha maleAll of NS books are phenomenal reads but there is nothing sexier than a hot alpha male teaching erotic pleasure to a beautiful woman who has never experienced it. As Sascha and Lucas very sexual courting transpires they hunt down a serial killer while also trying to free Sacha from a fate worse than a lobotomy.
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  • Eric Troolin - THANK YOU!!! This product CHANGED MY LIFE.I had no idea. LITERALLY no idea that bananas could be sliced. For MY ENTIRE LIFE I have simply peeled and chewed bananas.

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  • Vermeer fan - One for your summer reading list....We first meet Eva d'Orsey in her Paris apartment on the entrancing Place de Vosges, one of Paris's most alluring and high end squares. She contemplates her morning coffee and cigarette and her recent meeting with her doctor. Mon dieu! Decisions to be made, affairs to tidy up, secrets to hide.

    Cut to mid-1950's London where the lovely but inept Grace Monroe supports a philandering husband in his climb up the social ladder and wonders why she left her Oxford-sheltered country life. She receives a telegram informing her of the death of Madame d'Orsey and that she is the beneficiary of Madame's estate. How can that be-Grace has never met Madame.

    Having just discovered her husband's indiscretion, she accepts the prompting of her friend Mallory and flies to Paris to investigate the will. As she tracks down clues from d'Orsey's past, treading the thin line between social butterfly, card counting gambler, mistress and muse to one of the great French perfumers, Grace finds that Paris awakens her own sensual boundaries and sparks her independence. The French food after years of bland British food stuffs, the attention to detail in Parisian women's clothes and hair and when Madame's story leads her to perfume, ah, the complex, alluring, heady scents.

    I loved the device of telling the story through different scents the master perfumer Valmot develops and how events triggered his focus on what those scents should convey. It's a sweeping tale set between the 2 world wars and throws light onto some of what was happening after the social upheaval that decimated a generation. Transition, epiphany and adapting to a new norm-this novel explores those themes in a tale of love, compulsion and the loss of innocence.