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  • Marissa - NOTHING SHORT OF MIND-BLOWINGEvery time I read this masterpiece, it sparks a new emotion within me, and/or I see one of the pieces in a manner different from the previous times I've read it. It makes you laugh, cry, gasp, sing, reminisce, makes you mad...it'll make you feel so many different ways because as hard and rough as the book's language is, it's REAL. I guarantee that ANY woman (possibly men also) who reads this book will be able to relate to AT LEAST one of the characters here (if not, ALL of them). I also love the arrangement of the book. The detail of the stories and the dialogue, the colors, the dancing, the pain...I love it. This masterpiece has been around for over 25 years, and it's just as powerful as its very first publishing day.
  • Ian Mcmanis - Best Tablet I've UsedAfter waiting nearly a full month to get my hands on one of these elusive tablets, I managed to get lucky enough to find one at a local store. At this point, you've probably read reviews from tech experts and critics that do this for a living, so I'll spare the technical details and go for usability from the perspective of a moderately technologically savvy aficionado.

    As a previous owner of an iPad 2, I returned mine because of the strict usage requirements forced by Apple and the iOS, I can say the Asus Transformer Prime feels nearly the same in my hands as does an iPad 2. The curved edges and cool metal back feel sturdy and comfortable in my hands. When holding the device in landscape mode, it is noticeably wider than the iPad 2, making it difficult to hit the middle keys with my thumbs. I have yet to acquire the keyboard dock, but until then switching to portrait mode works fine when typing in long segments. The screen gets finger smudges just as noticeably as iPad 2, but the gorilla glass makes removing as easy as using the palm of your hand.

    There's been some concern over the one speaker located directly where my right hand rests while holding the tablet in landscape mode. To me, this is an extremely nitpicky con since the speaker is louder than iPad or any tablet I've experienced to date even when I am trying to cover it with my hand. Still, there is a 8 mm headphone jack if you're trying to get the full quality experience.

    The front facing camera (1.2 megapixel) is located just a little right of center when holding the device in landscape mode, which is a bit awkward considering I'm used to the portrait video chat of FaceTime on the iPad 2. It's about par quality with any front-facing camera I've come into contact with, and not really useful for anything else. The rear facing camera is excellent. I have two android phones, one with 8 megapixel and xenon flash and the other 5 megapixel with no flash, and this camera (8 megapixel) beats both of them with superior autofocus and a bright flash for night-time pictures. It's no Canon Rebel by any means, but perfect for photo-journaling and all casual picture needs.

    Along with the tablet, you'll find a nice, long (4 ft.) USB cable and a AC power adapter. It's important to note that this device does not charge via micro USB so you'll have to keep track of this new charger for all of your devices. Also, if you plan to do any HDMI streaming to an HDTV or monitor, you'll need to purchase a Micro HDMI to HMDI cord separately.

    I was able to download Android 4.0 ICS right out of the box, and it does look beautiful on the super IPS display. I'm assuming you've read all you need to know about how nice the screen swipes with ICS, and the browser is so much nicer, etc. One thing they don't talk about is using the device through an HDTV using the micro HDMI output. This has been my favorite thing about the Prime so far. The picture on my 55" Samsung HDTV is pristine. Streaming video through Youtube or Netflix is perfect quality. Games such as Shadowgun, Galaxy on Fire 2, and Blood and Glory could easily be mistaken for Xbox 360. I am incredibly exited to see what developers will do to exercise the Nvidia Tegra 3 chip in the coming months.

    Putting the fact that my WiFi and GPS work perfectly behind, the most concern for this tablet is caused by the Android Appstore and the lack of tablet optimized apps. While this is currently true, every app that I used on a daily basis on my iPad 2 I have found an equal or better substitute on my Prime. All I needed to do was Google "Best Android Tablet Apps" and there were 10 lists available with useful free and paid apps that are made for a larger screen. Also, with the release of ICS, I expect developers are hard at work creating a slew of new apps that will bolster the number of available tablet optimized applications.

    One last huge pro about the Android OS is the freedom to use it for whatever purpose you see fit. If you want to have one home screen dedicated to weather and clock widgets from around the globe, you can. If you want to download music or video directly to the tablet's internal memory, or expandable SD card, you can do that as well. Google offers the exact same services that iTunes and the Apple Appstore does, but also allows you to choose other options. I can wirelessly transfer files and media from my android phone to my Prime to my 5 year old Macbook or a friend's PC and back. This freedom is the main reason I returned my iPad and opted for an Android tablet.

    Make no mistake, the iPad 2 is a beautifully simple device that does exactly what consumers want it to do. It's just as fast, the display is just as crisp, and it has more Apps than you will ever be able to use. Having to explore multiple places to discover all of the settings and preferences and options you can tweak on the Prime is daunting if you're not used to it. But in my opinion, the Asus Transformer Prime is not only the best Android Tablet, but the best tablet on the market to date. I look forward to seeing developers make games and Apps that make it shine like it is supposed to.
  • Bola Ogun - Ladies Learn to Lasso Love!!!Lol, now I know my title's a little corny but that's how I feel about this book. I'd already read "He's Just That Into You" which I like as well but it left me (like a lot of ladies) feeling helpless, as if there's absolutely NOTHING you could do to get the love life you wanted. And I don't know about you but as someone who likes to take charge and do what needs to be done to get what you want, that message was frustrating. Thus I've been in the EXACT same position in relationships since then!!! After all the guys that WERE coming up to me I wasn't into and the ones I wanted never asked me out!
    Cut to this book, I was reluctant to spent more money on another dating book but I'm really glad I decided to pick it up because now I have the ability to approach guys without looking desperate or pushy. But what's great about this book is that these technics need not only apply to men OR romantic pursuits. They can be use to enrich your social and professional life. Much like the former book I'd mentioned a lot of the advice is about making yourself happy and leading the life you WANT to lead in order to attract the other half you'd like to attract.
    I'm looking forward to a new chapter in my dating life and this book has made me very optimistic :-)
  • Terri J. Rice "ricepaper" - Clear InstructionsThe book starts with the very basic commands and understanding the AutoCAD environment.

    And the book doesn't drag the reader through the monotonous learning steps, the clear instructions followed by screen shots make it easy to apply. It is complex but author, Elliot Gindis, proves himself an excellent teacher by walking you through the steps. Like a good teacher he takes the garbled confusing techno-talk and makes it understandable. No small feat and worth the price of the book.

    You're given all you need before moving on to the more advanced sections, focusing on electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, civil engineering, solid modeling, architectural floor plans, etc.

    At the very end, instructions are given on animation and action recording, lighting and rendering, to give a professional look to a finished product.
  • N. Hanna "Book Warden" - Just another excellent book!!Insurgent is a great book for parents to read with their young adult children. Though it has questionable moments that give me pause it is certainly a book I enjoy using to discuss discrimination, segregation, violence and war with my teens. It is much like "The Giver" and "Hunger Games," but from an entirely different perspective. However, because of the violence content, I do not think it is a book that a young teen should read alone.