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  • amf0001 - things worth thinking aboutInteresting book. A bit dry, a bit like someone's masters thesis rejigged into a book, but with enough engageing ideas to make it worth the slog. An overview on how the internet is changing fundamental ways in which certain businesses and all organizations work. Lots of comments on how once the cost of something goes down (eg publishing) it opens up to everyone. Before because the costs were so high, we chose experts to weed out before stuff was published, now because the cost is minimal, we print first and then let the readers winnow things down. Lots of good ideas on how difficult it was to pass on info, now it's just a click, and how groups used to require quite a bit of energy to form, and now it's email chains. The world as we know it is changing...
  • Marika Therese Roxas Revilleza - best skin careExposed Skin Care was the best solution to my acne problems that I had been battling during my younger years, and trust me I've shed many tears over it. I've tried several different products in the past - drugstore and prescription products - and Exposed Skin Care is by far the most gentle and most effective acne-fighting product I've ever used. I've been using it for about 4 years now. I also love how reasonable the prices are for all the products. The package deal is even better. I highly recommend this product to anyone whose frustration level has reached the roof on acne problems.
  • lumpy's mom - Buy 2 of them!I have gone through quite a few heating pads over the years.Recently they have gotten flimsy which causes them to curl up and they have hot spots. When they came up with auto shut off it was really annoying. This one retains its shape and molds to my back which is where I usually use it. It stays in place.It is soft, and heats up on both sides. It heats evenly across the pad.It even looks nice. The control stays lit, it has easy to read push buttons with digital read out. Auto shuf off is a choice if you want it. The 3 to 4 heat setting is Hot enough for me and I like a hot setting. My advise is buy 2, I did. And I am not washing them either!
  • Dr. Vicki A. Alberts - fantastic writingInitially I was skeptical of this book: a female middle school teacher sexually attracted to her students who uses their vulnerabilities to engage in sexual relationships with them. How could a female pedophile be the lead character? How could she be sympathetic? Seeing the world through the eyes of this horrific character come to life through the author's amazingly powerful descriptions. I still don't like Celeste Price, but I don't at all regret the time I spent with her. I will be looking forward to other great novels from a terrific up and coming writer. Thanks, Ms. Nutting!
  • MustangSally - Definitely Works!I'm in my 40's, but haven't tried all that many anti-wrinkle products as I decided very quickly that they simply dont work. With this product I was pretty certain I could instantly see a difference. I've now been using clinical anew for about 3 weeks (and usually only apply it in the mornings) and there have been definite changes in my skin's appearance. It seems to be mostly due to the increased elasticity, as the larger laughter lines below my cheekbones have also diminished. I haven't asked for anyone elses opinion, but I'm certain my face is looking younger!