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  • joseph m swanson - Physical and Mental Health?I was fortunate enough to be one of the first to get "The Noticer Returns", so I took it along to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., so I would have some good reading material as I waited for appointments.

    Having only read about 1/2 of the book so far, I appreciate the Wonderful Presentation on Integrity, Character, Honesty and the other virtues woven throughout the lives of the different Pupils of "Jones", and the manner (perspective) in which they are presented. Another point that I realized is that although, at 74 years of age, being at Mayo for my annual physical check-up is very important, the attributes of "The Noticer Returns" which is written to cultivate the mental health is equally important, if not more important, as our minds have a lot to do with our physical health!

    Andy Andrews sure has a way of presenting some of the most important values in life, and everyone should read this book, no matter what "station" in life you are. It will change your thinking on many subjects, and will help add to a much better life, by toning your mental attitudes, which will benefit not only your material well being, but your spiritual and and family health.

    It is a MUST read, as are all of Andy Andrews books and CD's.
  • Dr. Matt Navarre "msnmedia" - Loved this book, looking for more.I'm so thrilled to see morality being treated as a science. Sam makes a very convincing case that moral topics are not and should not be in the realm of religion. I suspect that the pace of studies that can measure and test moral issues will keep increasing.

    In the past, medicine was left to the priests. They would bleed you with leeches, and convince you to gather in a church and pray in order to cleanse your soul, and the body would follow. Then we discovered the germ theory of disease, and now we have doctors and hospitals. Now we can prevent a wide variety of diseases, cure others, and treat most of the rest.

    One day, we'll look back at morality and see the same cycle repeating.