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  • William Goodwin - Good, BIG, book.This is a huge book, but it is well organized and has a good index. So far, I've been able to find the answers to all my questions about using Excel 2013. Finding the answers takes careful reading and trying the examples, but I do find them. I think it's a good book for one who wants to get the most out of Excel 2013.
  • Maria Rickert Hong, Certified Holistic Health... - Highly recommendedThe Body Ecology Diet is a gut-healing diet that I highly recommend. Its basic premise, building upon the foundation of what Dr. William Crook built in his “Yeast Connection” books, is that many chronic issues are due to a buildup of yeast (Candida) in the body.

    Because doctors don’t offer systemic Candida infections as a diagnosis, it is often overlooked as a causative factor in autoimmune, neurological and hormonal diseases, disorders and conditions, even cancer, when, in my mind, it should be one of the first suspects.

    Most people don’t understand how the use of steroids, antibiotics, birth-control pills and even ibuprofen can negatively affect the gut’s ecosystem. The Standard American Diet (SAD) with its grain, sugars and starches also contributes heavily to a disrupted gut ecology.

    It boils down to this: 70% of your immune system is located in your gut. If its inner ecosystem is overrun by bad guys, like Candida, it can leave you vulnerable to more virulent infections, diseases and disorders.

    Not only that, but Candida can affect your ability to produce hormones, which is why people with candidiasis often have adrenal, thyroid and reproductive-hormone problems.

    People with candidiasis are frequently fatigued, get sick a lot, have “female problems”, food allergies, chemical sensitivities, constant headaches and other symptoms that are often dismissed by the medical establishment.

    To me, the Body Ecology Diet is the most comprehensive approach to healing the gut, and therefore the body, because Donna addresses these hormonal balances; as far as I know, hers is the only gut-healing diet that does. She emphasizes the use of sea vegetables to heal the thyroid and adrenals, which is brilliant, in my mind.

    She also emphasizes the consumption of probiotic foods that contain oodles of probiotic bacteria. Foods such as homemade kefir, sauerkraut, kim chi and other fermented foods.

    If you think about it, before the invention of refrigeration, all foods that our great-grandparents ate were fresh, preserved with salt (real salt, not the processed white stuff we find today) or preserved with fermentation. These are truly health-promoting foods! That’s why the subtitle of this book is “Changing the Way the World Eats with Probiotic Nutrition”.

    I won’t say it’s an easy diet to follow, although it is far easier than the basic anti-Candida diet, mostly because of the various principles upon which the diet is based:

    Expansion and contraction
    Acid and alkaline
    Food combining
    Step by step

    Because of the food-combining principle, you can have gluten-free grains on the diet (just not with protein), which is a nice highlight for people out there who feel better eating grains or those who need more carbohydrate-rich diets like children and athletes. To this end, Donna also includes Peter D’Adamo’s Blood Type theory in the book.

    However, food combining makes it a bit more challenging about when to eat things like olives, avocados, nuts, etc. If you’re eating out, it’s best to think Paleo-type foods (minus the nuts and fruit).

    All in all, it’s a very well-thought-out and comprehensive diet that offers health-promoting principles for everyone.

    I’ll be interviewing Donna Gates on November 20, 2013 at 1:00pm Eastern. If you’d like to ask her your own questions, sign up here at:
  • Rachel "~Rachel S~" - Better than 5 stars!!!!!I did receive a copy of this book for free from Netgalley, but I didn't get a chance to read it before it archived the next day, so the copy of The Testing that I read was purchased by me. As always, my review will reflect my honest opinion.

    Wow. Can I please, please give The Testing 6 stars??? Honestly, I had never heard of The Testing when I got an invitation to read and review it on Netgalley. It looked interesting, and I was excited to read it. So naturally, when I realized there was no Send to Kindle button and I only had a few hours to read it on my computer before it archived, I was bummed. But the release date wasn't far off so I didn't have to wait too long. Well let me just say that even if I had to wait for a year it would have been completely worth it!!

    This is the first book that has completely lived up to an surpassed my expectations in a long time. It's the first dystopian book I have been this excited about since The Hunger Games. Now that I mentioned THG, I feel like I need to mention that The Testing has been compared to THG by just about every blog I have read a review on. I completely understand why, because I would compare it to THG too, but not because it is a rip off of that series at all. I would compare The Testing to THG because both main characters are strong females, they are both involved in a dangerous competition, they are both very well written, and obviously they are both dystopians. Plus, they both rate at the same level on my excitement scale, and I would absolutely recommend The Testing if you enjoyed THG. Now, you might say that these books sound very similar - and they do. But they are completely different. And the second book sounds like it's going in on a totally different path than THG series did.

    The characters all felt very real. I would suggest reading The Testing Guide, which is only equal to about a chapter long, maybe 5-10 pages at most. It introduces you very briefly to Cia's family and also explains why Zeen reacts the way he does to Cia's invitation to The Testing. Cia was a very strong main character, both physically and emotionally. Tomas was a little bit on the mysterious side for me, and I am interested to see where that goes. I definitely am curious to see what role Will will play in Independent Study: The Testing, Book 2. I also hope to find out exactly what happened to some other characters along the way. I can't say much more about the characters or I will be giving away important parts.

    The setting and the way she described it was also perfect. The way she described every phase of the Testing was fascinating. I could picture every scene perfectly in my mind, and I never got confused during confrontations about what was going on. The dialogue was also exactly right, never too much, never too little.

    I really can't say anything bad about this book! I didn't want it to end, in fact I read it somewhat slowly because I wanted to savor it! I am going to lose my mind waiting for Independent Study to release! I would recommend this to just about everyone, young or old, fans of the dystopian genre who have not been satisfied with the books out recently, or even those who have never picked up a YA or dystopian book. You NEED to read this!!!!!
  • Jerry - Bringing Up The Bodies: Mantel Continues The TaleAn excellent sequel to "Wolf Hall" -- and these are books that definitely should be read in order -- Mantel continues with her against-the-grain interpretation of Thomas Cromwell. While remaining sympathetic to her protagonist and giving him many benefits of the doubt, she does not shy away from the moral ambiguities of his actions even when viewed in the most favorably possible light. And Mantel's gifts for narrative and dialogue again are on full display.
  • Johann Erik Gonzalez - Works great with Windows 8 ProDownloaded the installer for Antivirus 2013 to update my current active subscription and installed in my Windows 8 Pro laptop. Works great! I don't know why some reviewers have problems in Windows 8... perhaps the built in software was not disabled? Either that or there's an existing virus on the system preventing the antivirus to work properly.

    Windows 8 comes with Microsoft Security Essentials. Make sure it's disabled when you run any third-party antivirus!