Antidepressant effexor side effects - antidepressant effexor side effects

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  • Tough Studd - Today, I am a man!For years I would be mocked, ridiculed and beaten because my moon shirt had only one wolf and was blue. As soon as I saw this awesome product I knew that would all end. When my tormentors saw I now wore three wolfs instead of their two and it was black, they bowed down and kissed my feet. I then kicked them in the face and laughed maniacally as I made them all my bitches. My life is totally awesome now.
  • Mang Wong - Good review sourceI am on my 2nd year of medical school and I don't recommend anyone reading this book until 1-2 months before you take the step. This should not be treated as a text book but as a review book. You should learn everything before reading this. Also another tip is, you should have already or are close to doing at least 6000 questions before going over your review materials. Good luck.
  • D. Randall - great value as a calorie burner - not a trainer for a serious racerArrived the day promised. Set up was a snap. It comes with a quick release shaft for the rear axle. My old Trek Antelope doesn't have a quick release on the rear wheel. Wasn't a problem. The hub end cups on the Rad trainer fit nicely over the nuts on my axle (these nuts are 12mm across the flats). Once I tightened things up, the bike felt rock solid on the trainer. The handles you use to tighten things up are made of plastic, pretty sturdy plastic. I suppose you could break them if you tried to, but if you keep in mind that they are plastic, and can't be tightened as far as steel can be, you'll be fine.

    First ride was 40 minutes. Hardly any noise from the device. I probably have it set up pretty optimally for quietness. It sits on a welcome mat sitting directly on the concrete slab in my home, and I have street slick tires on the bike. I turned the TV on for a bit, barely heard the trainer then. It gives me plenty of resistance for burning calories/aerobic workouts, but is not going to please anyone who wants a trainer that will simulate steep hill climbs. I doubt there is any trainer for less than $300 that will do that. I'm very pleased with it.

    The only real problem is now I won't be able to use the weather as an excuse for not getting in a workout.