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  • C Webb - Great game, greater potentialFirst of all, all of these "reviews" should be wiped and limited to people who bought the game through amazon, because to review the game you need to own it and play it. 2000 people complaining about the DRM of a game they didn't even purchase is outright ridiculous.

    The game itself is a lot of fun, both for the editors and the gameplay. Technologically, Spore is an amazing feat of programming, and it was made in such a way that content patches and expansions can be made relatively easily. The game isn't 100% perfect right now, but because Maxis made it so that they can put in the content that got put aside during production, it deserves a full score. Once a few expansions and part packs are released even the people whining about the game not looking like it did at GDC 2005 will be satisfied.
  • LB "lorie" - AmazingThis product is amazing. It grows edible gardens with minimum care and absolutely no soil. I planted my salad greens garden on Dec. 4. Within 2-3 days the seeds begin to sprout; in exactly 26 days I was eating salad grown on my kitchen counter. The only "gardening" I have had to do was add nutrient tablets a couple of times, add water (twice a week since the plants have matured)and raise and lower the lamp as needed. Setting this up was as simple as popping in two light bulbs, attaching a lamp shade, filling a bowl with water and dropping pre-planted seeds into holes. My kindergarten age kids are just as excited as I. My 5 year old niece exclaimed on her last visit, "Wow! That plant is really getting big!" I harvest about 2 salads every other day and pick lettuce for sandwiches daily. All you need for sucess is to follow the directions that come with the garden. I highly recommend this product. I have already given it as a gift, and I am considering buying another so that I have herbs and lettuce growing in my kitchen at the same time. Who needs to worry about e-coli?
  • Oku "EcoMom" - works just fineSo I bought this ironically after watching a commercial for the no no. I came here to read reviews on the nono and was astounded at the horrible reviews so began looking for a hair removal device that actually got good reviews and works. I decided on this device. I was skeptical to say the least but since I don't have the cash to lay out 175 every six weeks for the light pulse therapy in the dermatologist office I decided to try it. I bought it through Sephora as they have a 60 return policy and free shipping. I have to say I am very pleased. I was a bit over zealous and used it every three days for the first week just in case I missed spots. I calmed down and now use it once a week. I have only had it for about a month and the difference in hair growth is very noticeable. I only use it on my face(chin and lip). I have very coarse dark stubborn hair there. It doesn't hurt. It only leaves the skin red for a few minutes after if used on the highest setting. The only issue I have is the light hurting my eyes. I am going to buy some tanning bed goggles to see if it helps. I have the red glasses that are supposed to be used for laser but they don't help much. It would be interesting to use it on my legs and underarms but I don't want to have to buy the refill cartridges at a rapid pace as they are somewhat expensive, But as the price of razors has gotten out of control and they are an environmental issue maybe I will just use this device everywhere I shave. That is something I will consider. I definitely recommend this device. Oh, it takes about 5 minutes for the whole face from start to finish.
  • Mary L. Valley "bottle babe" - The Second Lap Of A Suspense Marathon, Waiting For The ThirdI survived the second book of this series, now I have to bank it down to wait for the third. Not easy. Iris Johansen builds on the foundation of the first book to bring yet more threads together to be woven into a very complex thriller. A lot of the characters I grew to like in previous books have solid roles in this tale as they work to find Eve before it's too late.

    The action gyrates between wondering if Eve will make it, to YES, she's in the clear, only to have her veer back into peril as the new and unwanted bonds of kinship pull both father and daughter in directions they never would have otherwise taken. Through this Eve stays strong and spits as much venom back at her tormenter as he dishes to her.

    As always, there's a thick strand of paranormal events that weave through the story. If you're familiar with the Eve Duncan series, that just understood. There is very little in the way of sexual content for those who don't like it, (or for those who do). It's not entirely what could be considered a clean book, but the scenes blend with the action and don't derail the story line. Like the last book, it ends with a cliff hanger, but I like it that Ms. Johansen's book end on an up note for the characters rather than dangling Eve over a volcano with her fingers, clenched on the rim, being nibbled by rats and then fading to black. Now, I just have to wait until the third book, then I can be happy.