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  • K. Ott "Word!" - Top secret publication that was leaked!So I was at the Doctor's office and found this in his magazine pile. As I was sifting through the pages, the sun fell through the window and certain areas of the text were illuminated. My eyes opened in amazement as very clearly before me the One World Government invasion plan for North America was revealed. I took the book home and tinkered with light, shadow, and cut-out overlays. I found the truth behind the JFK assination, the real DaVinci code, the location of the Arc AND Holy Grail, and compelling proof that Big Foot exists. Christ! No wonder this book is like $90.00. It's a good thing I stole mine from my doctor's office.

    Pros: Apocalypse plan layed out with such great detail it's easy for a beginner to understand, truth to the JFK assination releaved.

    Cons: This book is heavy and moves a little slow in some spots.
  • - A MUST READ for Anyone with Colitis or Crohn's DiseaseMy husband was diagnosed with an extremely severe case of colitis then Crohn's disease. All that his doctors were doing were prescribing higher and higher doses of drugs (sulfasalazine, prednisone, etc) which were making him sick and caused him to drop pounds daily. Then we heard about Elaine Gottschall's book. It has literally been a life saver!!! The author provides both an explanation for the diet and a simple guide of "do eat" and "don't eat" foods in list form. My husband felt like he had his symptoms under control within two days! He was able to stop taking his medications with no complications. At last, no more stomachaches. After two years of being on this diet, my husband has shown remarkable improvement after follow up tests. However, don't expect your doctors to support this diet, they don't want to give up their hold on prescribing expensive prescription drugs! Even more unbelievable, the specialists we've seen are completely ignorant of this book! Incredible. This diet is completely natural and relatively easy to follow, especially considering the alternatives! Buy this book for yourself or for your loved one who suffers from this disease. It can change lives. We cannot thank Elaine Gottschall enough.