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  • loveflorida - Easy upgrade. my tv is now like a new 2013 modelIt is like a new TV. made the interface much more friendlier and easy to use
    after down loading the new firmware.
    Overall everything is way better after than before. All applications are extra responsive and there is better integration between the TV, home theater, and cable box. The voice commands and motion control functions are more responsive and they actually work now. The major cons are the TV and Home theater integration could be better through adding more control of the AVR in terms of source selection and net + control. Hopefully future updates will make this even better!
  • T. Cotts "B00KS" - This simply works! Does exactly what it says it will do.Highly recommended. Got rid of a large mole that I've had on my face all my life. Would have cost me $100 at a doctor to have it done.