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  • Patti Sparks - Great Product - very easy to useI've used this since May of this year (2013) and have had no trouble at all. It was so easy to install. With that I will add that reaching customer service is very difficult. The product works, but I have not been able to complete activation of secure anywhere. I've emailed and followed the steps but have received not response from Webroot. However, I have also have not taken the time to continue with further follow-up.
  • Reviewer - Book is fantastic, but take the course as wellI stumbled upon a video of Esther Gokhale on YouTube; it was of her giving a presentation at Google. Based on that video, I bought the book and read it in its entirety.

    I then took the free one-hour course at Esther's wellness center in Palo Alto. It was taught by her daughter, Maya (who is going to medical school this year and is amazingly smart).

    Based on *that*, I then took the full fundamentals course and loved it. You have to take the course if you can. Anyone who is thinking of having surgery should read this book and take the course first. In fact, this course should be required in medical school!

    My posture has been bad my whole life (rounded shoulders) and although I'm not in pain, I wanted to correct it. This course gave me the tools to do that. It's a *process*--so it's something that you always have to be mindful of and practice. You can't have the "surgery" mentality (i.e., I'll do this one thing and that will fix the problem). You need to correct the underlying faulty body mechanics.

    Anyway, this is a review about the book. So, buy the book. It contains more information than what is even in the course, but the course helps you put it into practice. The book also has plenty of pictures to show you how to sit, stand, walk, etc. correctly.

    Buy it! Study every chapter and then decide for yourself. You'll be amazed.
  • A. Williamson "Happy Artist" - Absolutely love it!As someone who used to live in NY and work in NYC, it's nice to see all the people and places in this book.

    Seeing all the random people, (and even in your everyday life - no matter where you live) it's always something that you wonder. "What is his life's story" or "I wonder what's on their mind?"

    This is an entertaining mix of imagery and answers some of your wonderings. And leaves you wondering more. What I like is that it also reminds me that everyone has a different perspective, different burdens that weigh them down. For me, it helps to remind me to not be harsh and judge people.

    I love this book :) And I highly recommend it!
  • Biostatprof - I was very hungry even after finishing the book.I'm very suspicious that the 100,000 Normal Deviates are \begin{italics} not \end{italics} from the same wellspring as the first "A Million Random Digits." One must wonder if this book were written by two distinct people, rather than the single author claimed. Perhaps all those people who routinely chomp at the bits to analyze the each novel Shakespearean claim would care to take on the this text!

    [Note to Amazon] These reviews need to start allowing A Web Appendix. To wit: The Chinese Restaurant Process (CRP) is perfect for modeling A Million Random Digits Even Without 100,000 Normal Deviates. In fact I wrote some code to fit the Million Random Digits and wanted to share the results with you, but it would not fit in the A Web Appendix because there is no A Web Appendix. Amazon just would not let me present the key results in an obscure A Web Appendix, much less in an obscure The Web Appendix as we mathematicians are wont to do. So I am forced to present them here.

    However, before I could upload my results, a very nice man and a fairly nice woman from the NSF's sister foundation the NSA (at least that is where the nice couple said they were from) suggested I hold back from publishing here due to the lack of rigorous refereeing of Amazon reviews. (Voting! 5 of 6 readers found this review helpful. That's much better than what I usually get from referees.) I demurred at first, but they were very persuasive. Apparently NSA representatives often visit gun shows when visiting members of the general public. Also, they said that it would be better for my tenure case if I were to publish in the Annals.

    To sate your curiosity, I hope to put the results up on Arxiv instead. I tried putting my data in the appendix as is typically required. But the document became too long to upload conveniently. I shall drive around the neighborhood searching for a more powerful internet connection.

    In the meantime, after feeding in the "A Million Random Digits" to my Chinese Restaurant Process, [provided you take alpha to be small enough naturally], I was surprised to find the predictions well concentrated on the first 10 non-negative integers. It was enough to make me start believing in a higher power [more than 2 anyway, though perhaps not as much as 10. 10 is much too large of a power for routine use]. Frankly, John, my dear, this seems like an amazing coincidence, praise Mary, may she give a Hoover dam. Fortunately I did indeed take alpha to be well under 1 million (it was 4536 if you really must know which was my niece's birthday, or so she claimed) so was able to recognize this concentrated result.

    One really should separate the 100,000 Normal Deviates into a second text, as they completely muck up the CRP if you feed them in after the "A Million Random Digits". In fact, I dare to say that the 100,000 Normal Deviates gave my Chinese Restaurant Process indigestion. If one wants to include all the numbers in a single model, it would be better to model the entire text with a mixture model.

    Now, I'm hungry after writing all that. The local Chinese Restaurant has great food but their Process is much too slow to converge on me with my food: not enough servers. I'm going to the Thai place instead!
  • Elizabeth - Best Dating Book I've Read So FarBest dating book I've read thus far. I even got my mom to read it and she is kind of like my "coach" because she keeps me accountable on Matthew's tips. Easy read and very applicable. I read this book a month ago and every week or so I review the information... had two dates already and two more (total of 4 different guys asking me out) coming up!! This book is kind of like magic... read and POOF there are men knocking down your door!!