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  • Typical Male - Fantastic BookThis is one of the most liberating books I have ever read. Pop culture would have males believe that speaking up for themselves and being a leader is somehow demeaning to women.

    The feminist movement has for too long purported that the sensitive male is what women really want. They do. Everyone needs emotional closeness. But women also want men to be men. Women want men to lead. Testosterone is not the evil that the pop psychologists would have you believe. Being a man is not about demeaning or dominating or abusing your mate. It is about being a leader.

    My wife is an immensely talented highly valuable career woman. Yet she wants me to be the leader at home.

    The book gives married men good advice on being a better leader at home.
  • Sara - Keeps coldsore size downI have tried more medications than I care to admit. Abreva combined with l-lysine supplements seems to be the only thing that actually helps me. It doesn't make a coldsore go away immediately, but it definitely stops them from growing bigger and they seem to heal a couple days quicker than they used to. It also seems to help with the itchiness. The cream keeps the skin soft and doesn't leave a weird residue like others I've tried. 1 tube will get me through about 2 coldsores and is small enough to always have on hand in my purse because it's best to catch them when they first crop up.