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  • Mcomeau - Love Kaspersky!So much better than Norton! Norton takes up a ton of cpu and memory. If you NEED norton, thats one thing, but i tell you, I have saved more computers, and prevented more issues with Kasperskey than i ever did with norton. Norton does have some advantages, but not enough to justify the price, IMO!
  • bruce desilets - A Gift To Our Son!!!!!Just another gift to help our son in medical school.. We hope he gets all he can out of this book!!
  • ChicagoGrooves - Essential Book with unique Perspective for scoring your bestI got 99th percentile scores on the SAT and ACT in high school, and I mainly attribute my success to having been exposed to the 'cracking' series. Maybe I would have gotten 90th percentile without, it's hard to say, but the strategies involved in acing the exam (I got a total of 3 questions wrong), apply at least as much to struggling students *if not more* !

    Let me explain why these books can bring success in ways other books can't.

    I used this book in high school, which was over 10 years ago, but I've used other Princeton Review 'Cracking' Books since then, and they feel just as sharp and poignant today as they did in the 90's.. The main benefit of these books is the change in mindset from "you are being measured" to "you can beat this system". That change in mindset, if really adopted, can easily improve a person's motivation to study, and keep them feeling confident and eager on exam day. Those reviewers who point out grammatical errors in the book are missing the point- it is critical to learn how to do well under pressure, and the biggest part of that is having the confidence that the thing measuring you is a thing you have the power to affect. All of a sudden you are not a piece of meat to be sized up, you are the one seeing if the test measures up to you.

    Obviously your milage may vary, and some people may prefer to focus on actual test questions and fundamentals. But I doubt that will take them to the highest scores they can achieve. In life, it is both knowledge of the material and of the system which enable success. Let's not bow to the ETS and agree to be measured solely on knowledge. Let their weakness be our gain and use every tool at our disposal, and I believe the 'Cracking' series is an essential tool for standardized test mastery.

    Whether or not you get the book, get the mindset, and stop agonizing about 'knowing enough', and start taking your best possible test. Good luck - and you'll wish you'd done this earlier !