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  • Celia F. - Well worth the priceI was skeptical at first to try this product. Sometimes I don't trust a product that gets 5 star ratings all the time!
    After doing a bunch of research, I decided to give both the rinse and toothpaste a try. It is well worth the price and works really well.

    I have had bad breath for over a year now and just recently discovered the reason was tonsil stones. As I researched these stones, TheraBreath kept popping up as a method to combat both bad breath and tonsil stones.
    Yes, it does work. Both my partner and I are extremely pleased and relieved.

    The bland taste is the only con but you have to realize there is no 'junk' in these products as opposed to regular commercial dental products.
  • S. Mize - An Island in a Sea of Bad InformationWhen we found out my wife was expecting, I went online and tried to get some answers to some very basic questions -- what should or shouldn't she eat, what activities should be plan or avoid, what tests should I ask about when we talk to the doctor.

    The problem I immediately ran into was a plethora of bad sources: mommy blogs, half-informed discussion boards posts, news articles with sensationalized headlines, busybodies pushing their own weird agendas for who knows what reason -- there's an astonishing pile of awful information out there. It was impossible to sort through all that noise to find good information.

    With all that noise, this book is a godsend for anyone who (like me) is looking for an actual breakdown of risks associated with various foods, activities and medical tests. The author picks apart the studies, looks at the numbers and breaks it down at the end of each section in an easy-to-remember summary. She lays out the risks in a way that allows intelligent decision-making -- if that's the sort of thing you're looking for, this is the source for you.

    A word about all the one-star reviews: These reviews are by and large the same nonsense I was trying to get away from when I bought this book. The entire point of this book is to lay out the data associated with the various things you might do when pregnant, from eating soft cheese to having the CVS test to having a glass of wine. This book doesn't advocate for anything except the notion that adults can and should be able to make informed decisions.