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  • C Cameron - Updated review after owning for 8 months: scroll to bottom.My hubby surprised me with this for my birthday. I'm not an "e-reader" type of person. I have friends that are book addicts that give me boxes of books every month. I enjoy having "free" books. I enjoy going to the library down the street and checking out books. I didn't even turn my Kindle on after having it for one month. Since using it, I love so many things about it. I now use it to read to my 9 and 10 year old before bed. My 9 year old is reading Black Beauty Young Edition on it. My hubby loves electronic gadgets, but I hate them (till my Kindle). I am an anti-charging gal. At first I hated this about the Kindle, but it charges in 15 minutes or less! I plug it in, do my bedtime routine, and it's good to go! I have learned to look at the "battery" image and plug it in before it dies. It's never died while reading, but would tell me it needed charging for 15 minutes, as seen on the screen saver image when I go to turn it on...Pretty smart!)

    My favorite things about the Kindle are:
    1. Easy to use
    2. Easy on the eyes. More so than books! I have made it bigger type than books.
    3. Enjoy seeing the list of best Kindle sellers.
    4. Like the free "samples." this way I can try out a book for free!
    5. Down loaded a game for my daughter while bored waiting for brother at the orthodontist. I enjoyed it too.
    6. I now notice the "percentage" symbol seen to figure out how much I've read.
    7. I love how it shows books in order, of last read. We have 3 books read daily; by me, my 10 yr. old son, my 9 yr. old daughter. I see more Kindle's being bought in the future.
    8. Has internet access. I don't use it much, but cool feature.
    9. No more large collection of books piling up in my house.
    10. No more accidently reading books I've already read (happens w/soft bound books).

    Some things I don't like as much as a book:

    When I'm reading (always late at night) I have to remember how many clicks I do, go ahead to see when I'll get to the end of a chapter. If it's a long ways away and I'm dog-tired, I'll just turn it off. If it's in a page or two, I'll keep reading to get to the ch. end.

    I wish it showed page numbers. I know it's different for each reader, due to the fact you can enlarge the type (which stays to your pref. great idea!) but, I wouldn't mind knowing what page I'm actually on per printed book.

    Can't pass it around like a "book." I wish we could pass for free to other Kindle users, or via internet. Perhaps in the future. Or maybe it's possible but I don't know about it.

    None of my "cons" are a big deal. Still one of the greatest inventions ever!

    NEW INFO FROM MY REVIEW AFTER 8 months of owning my Kindle:(I just bumped my 4 stars to 5 stars)My Kindle mysteriously broke (honestly, It was protected and cared for like a new-born baby). The cust. service answered in less than a minute, totally apologised, sending a new one to arrive in 2 days, emailing a paid shipping label. He was so nice, it kind of freaked me out! I've never experienced cust. service like this! (I'm 40-something).

    Adding to my Kindle Pro's:
    11. Great customer service
    12. I am now turned on to "unknown" authors
    13. Willing to try new genre's due to the free samples.
  • mmm - Works Better than System I HadMy husband was complaining about the amount of spam that was getting through our previous virus software so when I got an email from Amazon offering the Norton at a special price it was a no-brainer. Kind of don't like to pay for what I don't get and this is good for three PCs but I only have one and you can't use it on a tablet or smart phone, but it was still a decent price and the complaints have stopped about the spam. So a happy spouse and a safer computer are good things.
  • Wakdjunkaga "trickster" - Worthy SuccessorJust as riveting and immensely intimate as its predecessor *Wolf Hall,* this second novel of the trio (third as yet only being written, not yet published) takes protagonist Cromwell further down his dark road, letting Henry's quickened interest in demure Jane Seymour permit Master Secretary terrible retribution on more foes from the fall of his own master, Cardinal Wolsey. However, Cromwell enters into bad bargains, we suspect, to accomplish queen Jane Boleyn's undoing, and her demise is just a beginning, again. Engrossing, fluid and inimitable -- an exquisite read.
  • Yreme - I questioned this but it is goodJust got it and started the training. I am in decent shape so am able to complete workouts, not quite at the level, number of reps that the actors can. Very good home workout. I did also purchase a power block for weights, I purchased a set of 50# power blocks and more dumbbells to get me to 70#. Also a pull up/dip rack. I have found that's all I need.

    It is as intense as you choose to make it, so scale up or down intensity based on your condition.
  • ndurand - The facts you need to make your own decisionsI loved this book. For once I felt like someone was talking to me as an intelligent woman, instead of treating me like a child. Emily Oster doesn't suggest you should binge drink or eat sushi every day - instead, she gives you the facts, in clear and concise text, and tells you to make your own decisions according to your own values. You can also go into appointments with better information and ask your doctor the right questions. Look, if you just want a big list of "don'ts", and can't stand the gray areas that come with all medicine, don't get this book. But if you want to understand the whys behind all the advice, and take control of one of the most important experiences in life, read "Expecting Better" and use your new knowledge to inform your decisions.