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  • ElvenAngel - You have to have thisI bought a kindle several months ago. I have to tell you that this is the one that you have to have.
    I bought 7 books during this Xmas and I finished all of them in 4 days, then I bought another few books and I almost finish again. This is sooooo convenience that I carry it everywhere I go and I read the book before go sleep. My life changed since I bought the Kindle:)
  • A. Tahech - Works Good.I've used Minoxidil products since a couple of years. It's giving me very good results on my forehead as long as I keep using it. Hair thinning in case is non hereditary. The doctor said that in my age (20s) it happens that hair sheds and becomes thin for some people. I understood after doing some research that it's something related to the excretion of a hormone named testosterone, it prevents the hair from growing normally. Doing sports helps in solving this hormonal issue, in addition to taking minoxidil products like Rogaine. I started using the Rogaine foam a month ago and it seems as effective as some other products (except that it doesn't create dandruff like some products do) The foam is very easy and quick to apply directly on the hair. It's just excellent!
  • bookworm1858 - A review from Bookworm1858I've loved Barbie for a good twenty years now, even as I have aged out of playing with her. I still have such found memories of my dolls and their accessories and I am incapable of walking past the Barbie aisle in a store without checking out the new fashion for her. Thus I am thrilled to have received "Holiday Barbie 2012" for review.

    She is wearing a gorgeous red dress with a ginormous bow. I cannot comment on the texture of the fabric as I have not removed her from her box. But I can see that other details include red finger nails and jewelry. No idea what kind of shoes might accompany this doll as the dress is too long to reveal. I think she looks very festive although I do wish there was a bit of green in this outfit.

    Honestly if I was five, I would have taken Barbie out of her box and played with her. But since I'm not, I'm going to keep her on my shelf as a beautiful festive reminder.
  • A. Berkowitz "concerned for our future" - Pulling the Race Card before it was popularAnn Coulter is not a racist. She just tells it like it is. No politically correct excuses for bad conduct, Coulter cuts right to the chase.
    She is more anti-Democrat than just conservative, as she proves with footnotes and quotes how Blacks have been used to cause changes in our society only because it was useful to get elections, laws than were unnecessary passed, and to blame Republicans for the continued alleged racism in the country, despite the proof that the Democratic Party all along did nothing to help race relations from 1965 to the present. She names names, and gives facts and dates and in her special way of writing actually brings humor into an otherwise horrendous historic timeline.
  • ArmyMomofFour - Noisy, but worth itMy stepsister gave this to us after receiving it as a Christmas gift because her son and husband don't like bananas. We have four children and all six of us eat them, so we go through several bunches a week. My kids and I LOVE Yonanas. It's great for being on Weight Watchers. It IS noisy but it only takes a few seconds to make a bowl. I don't know why people say it's a pain to clean it- you literally pop it apart and run it under hot water. Believe me, I use it several times a day and if it was a pain, I wouldn't... I don't have that kind of time. And yes, some of the banana gets stuck inside but it isn't a waste- when you take it apart to rinse it, just scrape it into your bowl with a spoon. I found it super easy to use and it creates "ice cream" really quickly with little hassle. But if you don't like bananas, don't buy it. I'm happy with the money we save NOT buying ice cream and being able to serve my family a healthy alternative. My preschoolers BEG for it!