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  • Splash - This is awesomeI just bought this tablet and I'm very happy with it. It does everything I want it to do. I did a LOT of research before choosing it, and chose it over the iPad because it's Android and because it offers Flash and most of all, with the keyboard, USB ports. I'm going to be traveling with this and have loaded lots of movies, music, books, and docs onto a USB flash drive, so I don't have to rely on WiFi. I got the 64 GB because it was basically the same price as the more popular 32 GB that was hard to find. I know they are going to replace this one soon, but I needed something NOW and couldn't wait. I'm super happy with it so far. I didn't want to pay more than retail for the keyboard, so had to buy that elsewhere (Best Buy). Am disappointed that others are trying to take advantage of people by charging up to $100 more than retail.
  • Mary Collis - A large ray of hopeAfter suffering psoriasis for many years and using every potion from the pharmacy and doctor, all having only temporary results, my husband was relieved to find a physician who had written down a practical, balanced programme to beat psoriasis and ecxema. Seeing these skin ailments as coming from within, and one of the body's last attempts to rid itself of toxins, he sees external creams as only controlling symptoms. By means of mostly diet, but also some other alternate methods, this practitioner shows how to rid yourself of toxins that have built up over the years, and how tos top them coming back. The photo results are more than amazing. My husband's condition is not as bad as those in the myriad photos, but he can't wait to be rid of the itchiness and ugly scars. Finally someone has come up with a cure to what medicine can never cure, or even help much. The books is well documented with research.
  • L. Mai "L" - get this as soon as you can. after 3 weeks used, totally in love.I was frustrated for the 1st week about the battery life. I thought it was horrible, after 4-5 hours heavy used, the baterry ran down to 30%. So disappointed. However, I did some homework and now, I got 8 hrs used and till have 40% left. So happy. Do urself a favor, get this phone and following this:
    Problem solved.
    Beside that, love everything. Lumia 920 is amazing compare to my old plastic galaxy note 1 and the old styled iPhone. Best phone ever from Nokia. Love it. :)
  • BranFam3 - Great software, PC/Mac/Andriod/iPhone compatibleWe us this to monitor all of our finances, from our bank accounts to credit cards. Gives us a complete 100% view of our finances. The iPhone/Andriod apps are most useful for my spouse to see the finances without having to get on my computer. He can also view finances from his Mac, since I use a PC we needed something compatible with all OS. This was a great solution. Never had any software issues, synch issues or crashing issues.

    Been using it for a year, we are on budget, and credit card debt free!
  • marsha - can't understand all the bad reviewsMy husband brought this pan home a couple months ago from Wal Mart at about $30. (Ours is 12") We love it. Don't need oil, everything we've cooked so far has almost slid out of pan. Clean up is a breeze....just wipe it out, no scrubbing. Since there were so many negative reviews, I thought I'd better add my 2 cents and let people know it really does work. I will be getting one for my daughter who cooks 3 meals a day for a family of 5. Great product