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  • Mrs Magoo - Real Person, Amazing ProductAfter the birth of our baby, I began fighting Ductal Candidiasis. There was not help to be found from doctors or midwives or any "professional." I was tired of taking round after round of prescription medication that did not work. I was about to give up breastfeeding because of this extremely painful malady. I launched out on my own desperate search to find relief. I found Three-lac and within 3 days, my symptoms were tolerable. Within 5 they were totally gone. I thought....if three is good, why not try 5? I ordered FiveLac and it came THE NEXT DAY. It continues to keep my symptoms at bay and allows me to feed my baby the way I want to. Thank goodness for these products. I am a real person, I had a real problem and These products REALLY WORK! Don't mess around. Get it and try it and feel better NOW!
  • Fatima - Easy on the EyesSo far I have gotten half way into the biology sections of the book and everything is so easy to read and understand. Its filled with vocabulary along with simple and concise definitions. There is enough room around the pages to leave foot notes for yourself and the pages are filled with diagrams. The Verbal ability section was kind of short so I would suggest a more in depth book on verbal if you need it. Oh and the pages are so white instead of that old newspaper color that other books have which keeps me awake and less bored lol.
  • Kateerg - GREAT BUY!!After browsing many reviews and taking test drives in stores, we decided to purchase the B-Agile stroller (in black) for our new baby. I am more than pleased with how the stroller fits into our daily lives. It is a very compact stroller while giving you the stability of a larger one. The ease of the folding and unfolding is amazing. Simply hold a button in and pull up on a strap and the stroller is folded. Push the release clamp and your stroller unfolds ready for baby. The stroller is lightweight enough that I can easily hoist it into the back of our SUV without difficulty. While doing reviews many people stated that storage was a con on this stroller and I can see their point but it works great for us. There is a small basket underneath the stroller and a bag/large zipper pocket that hangs off the back. I typically hang my diaper bag over the handles for easier access and then find I have plenty of room for other things. There is not a cup holder on this model (add on accessory) but once again I place most things in the pocket that is included with the stroller. What my husband loves about this stroller is that he is able to walk without his feet hitting a bar underneath. We have taken this stroller on many walks already and both of us find comfort in the height of the handle bar (We are both of average height.)If I had to give it any negative feedback I would say that I find that it doesn't steer as well if I'm trying to multitask and drive it with one hand (probably due to the structure/placement of the wheels.) We also purchased a Britax car seat so I am only able to comment on the ease of snapping this seat into place on this stroller. There are no tricky or hard to push buttons to release the seat. When you want to remove it, it's easy to pick up and go! Overall I am extremely pleased with this stroller and would definitely recommend it to others. As with all products, not every item fits everyones lifestyle but this definitely fits well into ours :)

    Update: Our son is now able to ride in the stroller without the carseat attached and the steering/handling has improved tremendously! I have also added an after market accessory (Diono Buggy Buddy Stroller Organizer, Black) to the stroller to provide cupholders and storage for cell phone etc and it fits great.

    --Still loving our Britax stroller :)
  • El Campo - Great referenceThis is an awesome little book to have. It is small and fits in pocket easily and has almost every drug you commonly use. I am an ER nurse in a level 1 trauma center and this book has been indispensible. I get the new versions every year they come out. As inexpensive as they are it is well worth it. Give your old one to a nursing student or something. You cannot go wrong.