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  • Michael N. Powell "Mike P" - Terrific follow-up to Game Change.This is a wonderful follow-up to Game Change. The good, bad, and ugly of the 2012 presidential campaign as viewed from both the democratic and republican perspectives is well presented. To me, the authors have captured everything that is currently wrong with our political system. The commentary on Christie was very interesting and puts into perspective how his issues from his past will possibly impact the 2016 presidential race. Well worth the time assuming you are interested in politics and can handle critical observations from both perspectives.
  • Edz40 - It does it all!That is, if you define "all" with slicing a banana.

    Life seemed so meaningless; I was lost... adrift on a sea of uncertainty... until the Hutzler 571 banana slicer found it's way into my kitchen junk drawer. Now, life has new meaning. I'm taking my medications regularly, and the voices all agree that having your banana sliced in 26 identical slices brings not just comfort but conformity back into what once was a world full of chaos and unequally sliced slices of banana.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Hutzler corporation, for helping to change this world, one equally sliced banana at a time!!
  • Ethan B - Definitely download is the way to go.This review is just for downloading MS Office Mac from Amazon. I definitely recommend it. Although it says it could take a while, I have regular unimpressive Comcast internet service and it took 6 minutes to download. The rest of the installation with updates took another 15 minutes, but that time would be the same with the discs. Easy and cheaper than getting the discs and no wasted packaging.
  • M. Guthrie - I love it!I recently made the switch from Windows to Mac. I was operating Quickbooks 2010 on Windows, and for a long time was afraid of switching to Mac due to the poor reviews for QuickBooks for Mac. Well, after reading Quickbooks was releasing a 2013 version that was said to be user friendly and comparable to the Windows versions, I took the plunge. I must say switching over and transferring files was easy as can be. I downloaded the software from Intuit. I have had not problems with it at all. I love it, and in fact I think it's much better than the famous Windows QuickBooks 2010 version. Everything is simplified! I have experienced none of the issues stated below. They did release an update to the software the last time I opened it a few days ago, so hopefully that takes care of the problems for people on Mac upgrading from and older version of Mac QuickBooks. My opinion is if you are installing for the first time, or if you just went to Mac go for it!