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  • Betty Savage - An Interesting Reflection on an Extraordinary CareerThis is a terrific book. Alan Dershowitz manages to provide an overview of his extraordinary life and legal career while also providing in depth analyses of the many important cases and issues in which he has been involved over his fifty year career. Dershowitz's conversational writing style makes for an enjoyable read by lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

    Dershowitz uses many of his court cases as a backdrop to discuss the most important legal and social issues of our time. The book is filled with behind the scenes accounts and funny anecdotes about the author's more famous cases, but equally enjoyable and informative are the discussions of cases that did not dominate the national headlines. Dershowitz also provides an interesting account of how his background shaped his views and career. My favorite part of the book covered Dershowitz's judicial clerkships for Justice Arthur Goldberg and Judge David Bazelon.

    I suggest that potential buyers take a quick look at the Table of Contents. You will be reminded of the bredth of the author's extraordinary career, and if you then decide to buy the book, you will be glad you did.
  • Suziebaum - It works!I got this kind of as a joke, thinking it couldn't work. We wanted to wait to find out the sex of our baby at our doctors office, but the day after we found out i used the test, just for see if it works, and it was accurate!
    I don't know what the accuracy rates are but it worked for us!
  • Fiktshun - An imaginative, clever and edge-of-your-seat exciting readJoelle Charbonneau's THE TESTING is an imaginative, clever and edge-of-your-seat exciting first book in a new series set in a dystopian future where the best and the brightest of its youth are tested for their potential to lead. It is a story that takes a well-worn idea and makes it feel new and one that brings nail-biting suspense to the page.

    Filled with deadly challenges that not everyone is meant to survive, characters whose motivations can't be trusted and surprise after surprise that will keep the pages turning, this book is a fantastic addition to the genre.

    When graduation day comes and goes and Cia Vale is not chosen as a candidate for the Testing, when no one from Five Lakes is, she's not sure what to do with the rest of her life. All her efforts, all her studying, was pointless if she wouldn't at least get a chance to attend the University and continue her education.

    So when the Tosu City official arrives the next day and tells her that she and three of her classmates have been chosen, she is ecstatic. Even if her happiness is bittersweet because it means she might never get to see her family again.

    But when her father reveals that there might be something more to the Testing, something sinister, and that no one should be trusted, her happiness quickly turns to unease. And if there are at most twenty candidates that will pass the tests and move on to University, then she will need to stay sharp, think smart, heed her father's advice to trust no one and hope that it will be enough.

    Because if the Testing is more than what it seems, then she doesn't want to find out what will happen to those that fail.

    Author Joelle Charbonneau created a fascinating and chilling world where every move is watched, every action monitored and every decision must be questioned. She introduced a broad array of characters who keep the story interesting and who will keep readers guessing as to their trustworthiness. She takes readers on a thrilling adventure with her characters through a hostile landscape both inside the Testing facility and in the world outside its doors.

    And she leaves them with a shocking conclusion that will make them anxious for the next installment in the series.

    THE TESTING is an absolutely riveting read. With a series of tests that make this story nerve-wracking for both readers and characters alike, a strong, intelligent, kind and caring heroine who readers will want to see succeed, and the promise of secrets that will be uncovered in a future book in the series, this first installment is a must.