MASA - The Medical Association of the State of Alabama - The Medical Association of the State of Alabama is one of a very few truly democratic organizations. The membership has vital input into the workings of the Association through the elected College of Counselors and House of Delegates.

Country: North America, US, United States

City: 21201 Baltimore, Maryland

  • Dana Pirro - Love it!!!Purchased this stroller last week. My son is 2 1/2 and I had a Graco travel system when he was born. Loved the storage room but really wanted something light and easier for my small car. My son and I love this stroller. He fits in it well and he's in the 90th percentile for height. He is at a little bit of an angle at the highest upright position but not a problem due to his age. Did purchase the tray and case and love those both as well. Wish there was more storage for those long mall visits but the point is I wanted something smaller and lighter so I'm willing to sacrifice the large storage area. I added my own mesh bag and mommy hook for some added storage possibilities. Love how smoothly is rides even on gravel and grass. I'm really enjoying this stroller and highly recommend it.
  • Aubrey Houck - So far so goodA little background first (and perhaps some TMI)! I switched up my birth control pills about six months ago. Three months in, on my first period with the new pills, I got my first ever yeast infection. That was a bummer of a new experience. I first went to the internet to find a good probiotic for just such a problem (enter RepHresh Pro-B), and then ran off to my local pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions. After two weeks and two different doctor prescribed treatments I still had the infection. This is when I started taking RepHresh. I figured it won't cure me, but it can start creating a healthier environment while I try to fix things. After another trip to the doctor it seemed my yeast infection had decided to take a turn into bacterial vaginosis. This time I got a BV treatment that began and ended with yeast infection treatments. All through my treatments I took RepHresh which really seemed to help calm the symptoms.

    After a month of treatment my infections were finally cleared in that last week. It's been just over a month now with RepHresh and I haven't had an infection or discomfort since. It even feels nicer. I plan on continuing with RepHresh Pro-B while I'm on these pills for the next year. They really helped soothe the symptoms of both infections and have created a healthy environment to keep infections at bay. I'm grateful that this has really been working for me; however, I will update through later months just to remain accurate on how well it maintains a healthy pH.

    A few things I found that help with *my* probiotic experience are: I take them after I eat, not before, so I don't digest them before they can get where they need. I also take them at the same time of day for consistency's sake.
  • Louis Gaudio "ScreamingforVengence" - Awesome ReferenceGreat resource for real world administrators. Even though it's over 1500 pages there is not much fluff. The author gets to the meat and potatoes of the topic with very little hand holding or repetition. A book you can read cover to cover. The active directory section is one of the best I've read on the subject, on par with Kouti and the Oreilly book. A must have for Windows Server 2012/Active Directory administrators in the field
  • Mr. Smiff - A Must ReadThis is a definitly a must read for teenage Christians. Its also good for anybody who struggles with the dating scene and trying to live for Christ young or old.The book gives a new way look at dating that takes away the temptations and all the negative things. And gives you a God pleasing way to relationships.