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City: Auckland, Auckland

  • Aimee "Aimee" - Great product - if you use regularly.I have been using the Fig WEN for about six months now and I doubt I'll use anything else again. I have thick, course, curly hair and WEN makes it possible for me to blow out the curl with almost no frizz. I will admit that I use a touch of argan oil for styling (I like my hair super smooth and shiny), but even my hairdresser has applauded the product for making my hair so soft and smooth. One thing that I've noticed, though, is that when my hairdresser uses one of her shampoos and conditioners on my hair (which is only once every few months), it takes a week for my smooth hair to come back. I'm tempted to bring in my WEN next time I go to the salon if they'd let me.
  • S. Vest "Dresslikeapirate" - Know your deviceYou will see this item displayed as being frequently bought with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, but make no mistake, whatever size you buy, the tablet only recognizes 16 additional gigs. It does not recognize the entire 32. Says right on the product specs "upgradable to 32", and very definitely no more than that.
  • Maggie - It will repair the worst of hair!My hair is "over 50", long, bleached, ceramic iron straightened, dry, brittle and porous. Peroxide and heat takes the protein out of hair. My hair would not hold oils or moisturizers no matter what I used. This product puts protein in the hair, and then the hair can hold moisturizers. After shampooing my hair, I combed this product in. I let it air dry and it gets really hard after about 20 eminutes or so. After (gently) rinsing it out I put a deep moisturizer on my hair for 15 minutes more. Then I rinsed that out with cold water. (That is suppose to seal the hair shaft for shiner hair.) The combined treatment works great. It has made my hair feel silkier, stronger, and much much healthier. It has body too. It is suppose to last for six weeks, but I am so happy with it, if it needs it sooner, I will do it.