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  • John Wolf "" - The best read of 2012This has to be the best and most influential book I have read up to date in the year 2012. For a while, I was a critic of the book, but having never read it my objections were not rooted in facts. Once I finally gave the book a read, I fell in love with it. The book is easy to understand, & is filled with application and powerful illustrations. Radical challenges so much of the American Dream and the American lifestyle that all of us take for granted. Many of us want to pursue the American dream, which is to find your dream job, your dream spouse, your dream house, your dream car, and your dream salary. Many whom have lots of money do not give one rat about the needy in their neighborhood. They do not give one rat about the poor college students, and those in their congregation whom have made poor financial decisions in the past and have a bit of debt as a result. I wish that more Christians would live the Radical Christian faith this book so well illustrates, because then there would not be as many poor college students, and people struggling to pay off student loans. There are plenty of wealthy Christians that do not care about anyone but themselves, and sure could use the book Radical. There are many whom are over burdened with debt from former poor financial decisions and wish they could get out of debt so they can donate more to the Lord, but the economy is bad and finding that debt killing job has been difficult for many.

    So much more could be said about the book. Overall a great read! As a result of reading the book, I have donated money to Compassion International, & The Bible League. Prior to reading the book I sometimes donated just to get a book or some other gift in return, while completely ignoring the needs and cries of the hurting & needy. I sure wish that my church would use this book, but all attempts to persuade them have failed.... You know its amazing how God works. A few minutes after I posted this review I got a email from my SS teacher whom says he has Radical on his to read list, and that others in the church have encouraged him to read it as well.
  • OzMo - The Best to date.If you ride the "i" band wagon then there is not much I will probably be able to tell you. If not then it is simple, this is the best tablet available right now.
    As with many people out there I have read the reviews and yes you can get a bad tablet that is DOA, or WIFI picky, or has GPS issues. I am not one of them and it should not take a person long to figure it out and exchange it if it happens to you. This is why businesses have return policies. I have a MS in EE and work in the electronics industry and let me tell you lemons happen, don't get bent.
    The image from the screen is excellent, better than my Galaxy 10.1. Games look great and so do movies, I have not seen it's equal. The 8MP camera for a tablet is very good (video or pics). However, it will not be replacing my HD camcorder or SLR. I have had no wireless issues or GPS issues in a 2-story home or a 3 story office. I have been finding apps just fine and have had no issue running any of them. The touch is great and easy to use, no fat finger issues or lag. The dock option makes it better yet. Longer battery life with the dock (about double). The mouse pad and pointer work as good as you ever would expect. With the dock I forget I am using a tablet.
    My wife, mother-in-law, and kids have all enjoyed using it. I have also used it at work with no issues.
    Matter of fact I have never had an issue of any kind.
  • Cecilia - Common SenseJudging from the reviews, I see that people don't realize just how different people's skin can be. Like any skin product, this can be hit or miss. In my personal experience, this product is absolutely wonderful. In my best friend's personal experience, this product did NOTHING to help her deplorable skin situation. My advise is to go to a dermatologist's office, make an appointment to the aesthetician, and have her do Zeno tests on you skin. That way, you can determine how well your skin will react to the product. Be informed consumers! Don't buy this unless you have previewed it and are certain it will work for you. Otherwise, it's just money wasted. A lot of money wasted. I hope this helps you guys!
  • R. Fisk - Finally... someone gives Meade his deserved creditThis is a praiseworthy, realistic account of the battle, but I was tempted to not write any comments as just about everything to say is addressed in these reviews. However, I have to add just a few things.

    First, as I intimate in the title, this "fictional" account of the battle actually goes out on a limb and pays some attention to Meade's role. I have not read every discussion of this battle, but one cannot read more than a few accounts of Gettysburg without noticing how Meade has been shoved into a corner, essentially dismissed as a mediocre, unimportant participant in the battle of Gettysburg. Peters makes up for that, and much more effectively than through simple description, by bringing Meade's thoughts and discussions to life. What we see here is that he was a thoughtful and talented commander. As Earl Hess also points out in his book, Meade was prepared to meet Longstreet's alternative "end run" all along. This is also the first time I have seen Lee's decision to stay the 3rd day and attack in terms of a grudge match with a general he regarded as inferior. Whether or not this is actually true, it is a VERY intriguing idea.

    Second, Peters has intentionally filled in holes left open by the account in Killer Angels, and has done this very well without trying to copy Shaara's style. While the writing is from a different perspective with each author, these two books really dovetail into a more complete picture of the battle and the participants. Shaara elevated Buford and Chamberlain to celebrity status, but Peters essentially ignores them and focuses upon other pieces of the picture. Interestingly, Lee is giving a large share of attention in each book: I guess you really can't ignore him. Now I guess we need a 3rd fictional account from another talented author, with attention given to details on Culp's Hill, Stuart's ride, Stuart/Custer on the 3rd day, etc.

    Finally, Peters has added immeasurably to an understanding of American Civil War history with his vivid and very candid scenes with the common soldiers. What he adds to that understanding is the reality of war at the grass roots level, without whitewashing it. The descriptions of stripping corpses, defecating, cursing, spouting racist epithets are all a very real part of the Civil War. It's just that we have chosen to focus on the glory of battle without getting down to the seamy details. I have to smirk upon reading a recent review, which described the book as "vulgar." Sorry to shatter the idealism of the reviewer, but the Civil War was not just generals uniformed in fine uniforms with gold piping and epaulets, and eloquent discussions on the inherent rights of man by college professors. War is dirty, bloody, horrific... and vulgar. To ignore that is to elevate war to a level of esteem it does not deserve.

    I cannot recommend this book more. It should be on every Civil War bookshelf along with The Killer Angels.
  • Pen Enthusiast - The Pen is GoodAs a sleek and slender man, I find this pen to be perfect. And in fact, I cannot wait until the man-version of this pen is released to the public. The ultra-brilliant minds that brought you this pen have in fact designed one for male as well. It dispenses bacon and its ultra hairy design allows one to adhere it to Velcro straps that one can place in the truck or on the lay-z-boy. It will be awesome. Now if they can just get it to stop spilling ink everywhere before you actually want to use it.