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Country: Oceania, AU, Australia

City: 2010 Terry Hills, New South Wales

  • Peter Christensen - My friend wouldn't shut up about this book. Now I know why!In a world overflowing with choices of what to read and watch, my favorite way to choose is my friends that can't shut up about a book or movie. I have a friend who bugged me every few months for a year to read this, and thank goodness! Wool was engaging, well paced, and full of great characters. Full of every kind of suspense, of tinkering mysteries, political and psychological intrigue, and more. Can't wait to check out the next howdy books!
  • Thomas S. - Great tablet!!!Finally after owning this for 3 months i have decided to write a review.

    I have 100 percent no complaints with this tablet whatsoever.

    Web browsing: I use chrome and the web browsing is super fast. Pages with many ads load super fast and have no lag whatsoever. I don't like the layout of the stock internet app so that is why i use chrome instead.

    Movies: I use Netflix for most of the movies i watch and they look really nice on the screen. They stream really fast even if you don't have the best WiFi connection. YouTube movies also look very good. Load really fast and depending of the movie they look really good too. (if a video wasn't taken with a decent camera of course its not gonna look the best).

    Games: Some of the games i play include cut the rope, angry birds, drag racing, flow, and many many more. All the games load really quick and i notice no lag with any of them. When i first bought it i was worried that the games would lag a little bit but they don't at all.

    So many of you reading this will wonder how does this compare to an iPad. When Samsung first made this they didn't intend for it to be a comparable device to the iPad, the Samsung note is more of a comparison. But my dad did have an iPad 2 before and i used it before i got this tablet. And i believe that was about 500 (the iPad). I got my tablet new at best buy for 400. Even though it wasn't made to be compared to the iPad, the Samsung is far better than it. IOS (operating system of apple products)is horrible. They have had the same layout of the main pages for years and there is not customizing ability. You cant get widgets(best things ever) and it looks like something from many many years ago. Many of the apps crash for no reason on IOS too. My tablets home screen has a lot of things to customize. U can have apps and widgets. If u have a g mail account u can display your inbox on the home screen which is very nice. you can make a weather widget so you can see the weather 24/7.

    Productivity: I am a student so i got a keyboard that plugs into the bottom and basically turns the tablet into a notebook. The keyboard was 50 dollars and was for sure worth it. It works great and to type papers i use Polaris office. Its basically Microsoft word, power point, and excel for the tablet. And all of Microsoft documents are compatible with Polaris office so if i download a word doc. i can view and edit it in Polaris office. Also if i just make something like a book report i can save it as a word doc. so my teacher can view it on his/her computer.
    Actually one complaint but it isn't with the tablet its with Polaris office, it doesn't have spell check. Lol.

    Another cool thing that this device can do is control your TV. Trust me its awesome and it really impressed my parents. Also its funny to see their reaction when I change the channel and then dont realize that i can do it from my tablet and they think they just sat on the remote. The tablet comes with an app called peel. When u go into it asks you what brand of TV you are trying to control and if you have a cable box and stereo and that such. I can bring up the guide and see what is on and scroll through the channels. Also i can choose if i want the sound to come through the TV or i can have it come through the stereo and i can control that too. This took me about 5 minutes and i had no problems whatsoever with it.

    Overall: This is a wonderful tablet and even though 400 sounds like a lot, it is 100 percent worth it. Especially if u have a android phone, cause everything u do on your phone you can do on your tablet. It is really fast as long as u dont keep 900 apps running at the at the same time but if u keep 10 or less you will be fine. The battery lasted me about 10 hour and i was chenking my email playing games and using wifi so i guess maybe it could last a little longer. Its great for a student like me or anyone i guess. So i hope before buying an iPad you take a look at some things this tablet and any other android tablet has to offer.
  • Kerry M - What if our loved ones could return....I saw the preview and waited patiently for this book to be released. When it downloaded to my Kindle I was excited. As I began reading the Returned I was thinking hmmm this isn't quite what I was expecting. In truth, I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this wasn't it. Not that it was bad, it was intriguing. The more I read, the more I loved Lucille, Jacob and Harold. My heart ached for their loss and the joy of Jacob's return. I loved the differing reactions between Lucille and Harold. I found all of the characters engaging in various ways. But most importantly, the story was engaging. It was thought provoking, sad, funny, and extremely well written. The wait was worth it.
  • "guitarboy1988" - An Essential for Every Rock Enthusiast's collectionThis is a truly great album, though by Pink Floyd standards, I consider it to be their third best (1. Dark Side of the Moon, 2. Wish You Were Here). The reason I rate them ahead of the Wall is because they are musically more interesting. However, what makes The Wall stand out is the lyrics, which take Wish You Were here, and to a certain degree, the Dark Side of the Moon to the back of a tool shed with a big wooden paddle. My first experiences with this album were when I was an infant, and I used to go to sleep listening to this music. I loved it then, and I love it now. The first song, In The Flesh?, starts of with subtlety, until you hear the resounding crash and the first power chord. Then you hear track 2: The Thin Ice, which is one of my favorite tracks on the album. The lyrics are deceptively dark, but the music is just divine. Then we go on to the Another Brick in The Wall Part 1-->The Happiest Days of our Lives-->Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 sequence, which I think is mediocre compared to the rest of the album, though it's probably the most famous work Pink Floyd has done. Then we go on to Mother, which has the best lyrics in the album. After hearing this song, it's easy to realize that Roger Waters, who wrote this album, was a little bit crazy. I probably have to cut short this review, for it would probably end up being too long if I kept going at this rate. My point is this: Buy this album! You will not be disappointed!
  • Ms. Erin B. Crilly "immererin" - HUGE improvement over lesser brands!I asked lots of people about boys bikes before settling on this one. My boys (age 4 and 5) were coming from 12" bikes by Huffy and Kawasaki. Both of those had issues, primarily the lack of torque on the pedals. The older kid kept pushing so hard on the pedals (mostly from pedaling while standing) that the chain came off. EVERY DAY. This one is much better constructed and the mechanics a better fit. The boys both love it (I've got a 20" on order for the older kid, who is almost six and TALL). The training wheels are good quality, and the frame is a tad lighter than lesser brands. As for assembly - it's more of an intuitive process than follow the generic 50 page instruction book. Even my tech-saavy husband messed up: he put the front fork on backward, and was happy with it until I showed him a picture showing otherwise. Just be patient with it - or take it to a bike shop. I really like how low the seat adjusts on this bike - the four year old is just over 40" tall - but the seat on the lowest setting is just right for him. (The five year old is 48" and I wouldn't keep him on a bike this size for too much longer - he looks gangly on it).