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  • Felicia DeCecca - Best book I've ever readThis book was incredible. I haven't found a book I have been so excited to find the time to read. It was interesting every single step of the way from page one. First time a book actually made me cry and so many other feelings I didn't think a book could give me. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anybody reading this review. I'm so excited to start the next book in this series!! Way to go on making this an amazing experience full of all emotion. Thank you!!!!!!!
  • W. Tappan Lum - a useful probiotocAlign probiotic was originally prescribed for me by my gastroenerologist. It has proven to be an effective medication for the treatment of gastric problems..
  • C. McClain - I passed the NCLEX!!This is very good prep for the NCLEX-RN. If you think that your school has already prepared you well for the content areas of the exam, then this book will take care of the critical thinking portion. Very good exam taking strategies here and, although the questions might seem easy (at least to me) compared to some NCLEX prep materials, they are actually pretty spot on emulating the real exam. I passed in 75 questions. Give it a try.
  • Edmund Jimenez - Lost cause: Reason vs Leftist race mongeringAnn Coulter's latest research project, *Mugged*, is a landmark work detailing the indecency and ruthless dishonesty of the Left in their drive for political success. The author offers many illustrations of the Left's unrestrained appetite for fomenting race hatred among (especially) blacks.

    The author discusses, at length, atrocities committed against whites and other non-black Americans. These crimes are terrible, yet are made worse because they are transmuted into fraudulent civil rights complaints of racism--always with support given to the perpetrators by the primarily white liberal/leftist establishment and fringe.

    Older readers may remember many of Coulter's examples--and perhaps others not listed in her book. After all, black atrocities are in super abundance.

    Coulter brings to bear a powerful intellect on the examination of each case, and its respective facts. Virtually all of the factual material relating to each criminal event is in the public domain.

    The author does not confine herself to a mere listing of gruesome injustices over the past few decades. She addresses other related issues too:

    1. The so-called Southern Strategy is conclusively shown to be a fabrication;

    2. The role of professional black race baiters, consumed by hatred of whites--and their profiteering therefrom;

    3. The Obama administration's unabashed racialist/racist membership and policies.

    Coulter's analysis is a form of national service for which she should be highly decorated.

    Millions of Americans know that the idea of civil rights has long been turned on its head. When false cries of racism in any circumstance or venue can stop debate cold, and paralyze right action, darkness has fallen over our country.

    Black race hustlers and their white liberal/left enablers have much to answer for in their embrace of injustice and the often resultant bloodshed.

    Eric Holder (a prime offender) was oddly right about the need to speak to racial issues; Ann Coulter has begun the conversation.